Fashion Flirting with 7+(30×30)=5+9+14+18

But wait! you say, Where is day 6?

Or maybe you don’t, and my lack of a day 6 of the 30×30 Remix Challenge was missed because there are 337 other fellow style bloggers who are also fellow remixers. If you did notice it, you are much more observant than I!

Regardless, there was an outfit on day 6, and I need to put the clothes back on as I didn’t take a single picture of what I was wearing during a busy day of hooping, beer drinking and roller derbying.

I had a bit of a wardrobe disaster yesterday as I was stomping around in my epic shooties.  I looked down and noticed 5 holes in the right arm of my black minidress.  I assume moths, but the dress needs to be retired from active wear.  Not really sure if I can trade in another garment, but as I don’t really have anything comparable to this dress, this might turn into my 29×30 challenge!


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