Fashion Flirting with 4+(30×30)=1+12+15+28

Please pardon my slightly squinty, post-bawling eyes.  I have a really tough time with Remembrance Day.  But I already wrote about Remembrance Day below, and what I really want to write about are these boots.

I’ve only worn them a few times, four years ago.  I wanted Uggs, but the Uggs I wanted were outside my budget.  So I purchased these guys.  I have a love/hate relationship with the pom poms, but I can’t quite bring myself to cut them off, even at the height of my hate.

I am wearing my sparkly socks again, because I love them, and they work so very well with the boots.  Only having 30 items to work with has definitely inspired me to take my laundry more seriously.  I nabbed the necklace from my mother, who purchased it at my favorite Brazilian shoe purveyor – Arezzo.  I was originally going to pair this necklace with #24 and #16, but I don’t want to wear the same cardigan every single day.

Tomorrow will be enough time to wait before red cardi #16 comes out to play again.

Dear Kendi: the 30×30 Remix Challenge is rocking my socks!

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