Fashion Flirting with 1+(30×30) = 6+18+22+30

Day the first of Kendi’s 30×30 Remix Challenge! There are so many incredible style bloggers participating in the challenge, you should check out my fellow remixers – over 300 of them!

I opted out of the maxi dress I was considering to take the #30 spot of the 30 items for this wildly more versatile black cotton skirt that has ties underneath that can alter the length of the skirt.  I stole it form my mother two years ago to wear to the wine and cheese celebration of my uncle’s upcoming nuptials, and have only worn twice since (including today).

It is so incredibly gorgeous outside today that I didn’t even need to wear the jacket I carried around the most of today.  My favorite thing about this outfit is that when I turn around there’s a bit of a surprise!

And while I don’t personally have a problem with the backlessness of this outfit (and really, it isn’t like the outfit is completely backless, just a tiny flash of skin), apparently elderly women at Superstore do have a problem with it.  Rather, one specific woman, who snuck up behind me as I lusted over a $29.00 animal print skirt from Joe Fresh (but resisted, as per the 30×30 challenge rules), and blew on my back.  I spun around in surprise, to find a tiny lady with hair seemingly dyed to match her burgundy jacket.  She gave me a look that can only be described as arch, and announced primly: “Cold, isn’t it?”

I stared at her, speechless and a little freaked out as she rushed away, pushing her cart in front of her.


10 thoughts on “Fashion Flirting with 1+(30×30) = 6+18+22+30

  1. How rude! I can’t believe that a stranger would do that! You were way nicer than I would have been about it. lol.

    I really like the little peek of skin. I think it’s a sexy (but not too sexy) surprise when you turn around!

    • I completely agree! It was super rude – I really wonder what was going through her mind, and if she was embarrassed at all when she realized that I didn’t take it very well.

      I love things that are backless, especially those with just a tiny flash of skin! The only time it is really problematic is when the shape is a bit odd, and you get a strange tan-line (this has happened to me before, lol).

    • Thanks! I think that might have been the thing that bothered me the most about it – I felt really good in the outfit, and she made me feel badly for wearing it. Which is really quite ridiculous! Thanks so much, and good luck on the remixing to you as well!

  2. Wow. People can be crazy rude, can’t they? You handled it well, and I love this look. I love the ruffles up front, and I always love a surprise in the back. Such a great play of neutrals, too.

    • Thank you – although, I didn’t really think that I handled it at all. My first instinct was to rush after her and make some irritated speech about how age doesn’t mean I have to respect her, and that she behaved inappropriately towards me, etc. I repressed the urge, however, as it would have likely made me feel worse, and served next to no purpose. Hah, maybe I did handle it well.

      I love the ruffles, too! They’re my favorite part.

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