Fashion Flirting with What I’m Going to Wear (30×30)

Tomorrow it begins. Kendi’s 30 for 30 Remixalicious challenge. I’ve picked … 28 SPECIFIC items at last count, and am going to randomly choose the last two based on sheer whackadoodleness (I know which ones they are, I just need to narrow it down within their specific UNIQUE sartorial categories.

It is going to be EPIC.

But whatevs, you’ll just have to wait to see those when they are ready to be photographed.

Check it: The SHOES.

1. Muppet fur-lined lace-up boots from Brown Shoes
2. Flat Black Buckled boots: Town Shoes
3. Dark Purple round-toe ankle-cuff button heels: Jump, from Town Shoes
4. Red round-toe sort-of Mary Jane heels: Jump, from Town Shoes
5. Epic platform shoeties: Arezzo
6. Graffiti Sneakers: Converse

Check it: The DRESSES

7. Navy Shirt Dress: Ann Taylor Loft, thrifted from Frenchies in Nova Scotia
8. Strapless reversible dress convertible to a roll-waist skirt  in gray/navy: lululemon athletica
9. (Wrinkled, eep!) Black turtleneck merino wool mini-dress: lululemon athletica

Check it: The items of the BOTTOM covering persuasion (psssst: this is a TERRIBLE picture, but I’m OK with that)

10. Acid and brown diamond patterned skirt: Athropologie
11. Roll waist black “Travel” skirt: Roots
12 & (not pictured 13).  Black tights; Denim tights (one might call them jeggings): lululemon athletica (they’re identical, except one pair is made of fake denim, and the other black luon)
14. Seven for all Mankind jeans

Check it: The CARDIGANS

15. Black oversized cardi: Vero Moda
16. Red cashmere cardi: The Gap
17. Purple bamboo wrap cardi: lululemon athletica
18: Thing that is gray and could be a cardi, could be a vest, could be a scarf, etc with a pretty ruffle and buttons and a tie: Anthropologie

Check it: The TOPS (of a tank and tee variety)

19. Dark Gray vee-neck tee: American Apparel
20. Lace neck ruffle sleeve tee: Le Lis Blanc (Brasil)
21. Yowza pink shawl neck tank: Anthropologie
22. Backless (somewhat shapeless) gray tank: Le Lis Blanc
23. Tan Lace-back tank: Dois Tempos (Brasil)
24. White lace-ruffle front tank: Anthropologie

Check it: the other stuff all from lululemon!

25. Black Remix*light
26. Purple something something dance tank (this is a “vintage lu” sweater, from … 2005 or ’06)
27. Special edition Cool Racerback from the lululemon lab in Vancouver (gift from a bestie)
28. Yellow (technically, the colour is ACTUALLY called Chirp!) Cool Racerback (wrinkled, ugh, girl needs to do some ironing).

Check it: the Last Two Items

29. One of my three heavily sequined tank tops – I need to have two of them dry cleaned (sigh).
30. One of my maxi-dresses.  Can’t commit.  Kind of want to choose one that I’ve yet to wear…

So those are the items I will be remixing.  Oh the FUN we will have!


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