Fashion Flirting with Hoop Hoop Hooping

Hoops: Hoop Infinite, Hoops by Sarah Kucheran
Earrings (new to the blog): Out of the Blue
Coconut Necklace: Artisan person in Brasília
Purple Sweater: Aritzia
Orange Sports Bra and Black crops: lululemon athletica
Over-sized Tee-Shirt: Herring (Brasília)
Scarf: Etan (Paris)
Shoes: Zara (Brasília)

Today was a very exciting day!  Every Saturday for the entire month of November, I will be taking a hooping class!

The “hula” part has been dropped, by the way.  They’re just hoops now.  At least, that’s what all the cool kids are saying. A while back I was interviewed about hooping. The journalist said it was to “flesh out” the article, but I kind of feel like it was just an add-on that doesn’t really work with the rest of the article (a good read, especially if you’re interested in hooping).

I brought home two brand new hoops, one is a gift for a friend, and the other is supposed to be going to another person…  but I love it too much, and might have to keep it.  Whoops!  Don’t get me wrong, though.  I love – ADORE – my purple hoop, but this one is navy with an opalescent sparkly tape and it is just so PRETTY.  I used it for class today, and it felt so good I’m not sure I’ll be able to give it up.

The classes are going to be wicked, I just know it.  I already knew quite a few basics going into the class (after all, I hoop when bored and sometimes while watching teevee), but today I learned the science behind hooping, and a few new tricks.  Apparently, I’m a luxurious hooper.  I like that.  The best thing about the class, other than the fact that by the end of the month I’m going to be an awesome hooper, is that language that Sarah uses while instructing us.  It dawned on me how much I miss the meditative side of yoga while we were cooling down at the end of class, and she led us through a brief meditation, instructed us to take a deep, juicy breath, and imagine our hoops filled with light, flowing slowly into our bodies, filling us with light and love.  I opened my eyes at the end, and just … felt peaceful.  Full of light and love.  It was lovely.


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