Fashion Flirting with Wearing Everything I Own

I changed in a moment of panic about … an hour ago. I had a moment of “Wait … I signed up for only wearing 30 items of clothing for 30 days… I have 8 outfits planned that I want to wear RIGHT NOW and not one of those 8 outfits have more than one or maybe two pieces in the 30 items I’ve picked out.” Then I freaked out a little because I live in Winnipeg (aka Winterpeg, one of Canada’s coldest Provincial Capitals … Last year Edmonton averaged colder that Winnipeg, but it’s usually the ‘Peg that is coldest), and I won’t be able to wear some of the outfits that I have planned by the time 30×30 is over. So I decided I’ll wear as many outfits in one day as I possibly can just to get them all out of the way.

So. There.

Sunnies: Joe
Earrings: Gift from a friend from Van
Wrap: Somewhere in Barcelona in 2000
Plaid dress: Aritzia
Chambray shirt: Shoulder
Cuff: Hippie Fair in Brasília
Socks: lululemon athletica
Rubber boots: Le Chateau

I’m not going to apologize for wanting to wear EVERYthing.  But I might accidentally squish the puny cat during my interpretation  of a farm jig.  I like this outfit, mostly because I feel halfway between an outfit that Christina from Second Skin and Kendi from Kendi Everyday would wear.  I’m going to call it my Christikendi look. Or maybe Kendina? Thoughts?

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