Fashion Flirting with Witchcraft

Earrings: Estasi (Brasília)
Blazer: Luigi Bertoli (Brasília)
Merino Wool Turtleneck Dress: lululemon athletica
Belt: Gift from brother
Tights: Suzy Sheer
Shooties: Arezzo
Rings: Blue Topaz: gift from Mom, Silver band: Feira do Paraguay (Brasília)
Leather Bat Cuff: Colcci

Day 4 of Hallowe’en Costume Week: WITCH!

This wasn’t the dress I’d originally planned on witching out in.  I have another turtleneck dress from Colcci that I’ve had since 2001 and is extremely witchy, but I couldn’t find it.  No idea where it is, but I know I haven’t gotten rid of it.  However, in my search for the Colcci dress (I REALLY need to organize my wardrobe… ie: my bedroom floor) I found my Ananda dress from lululemon.  Merino wooly deliciousness.  I was actually planning on getting it hemmed into a shirt, get rid of the skirt, but as it happens, I really like it as a dress.  Go figure.

I really didn’t want to go over the top with the witch inspiration, but couldn’t resist wearing the leather bat cuff from Colcci.  This came home with me after a summer in Brazil, knowing that I was an orientation week leader (known as Facilitators, or Facils) for Carleton University.  The frosh week theme was C.U. in the Jungle, and our frosh group?  The Bats.  The Colcci winter line in 2002 (remember, Brazil’s seasons are opposite of Canada’s) had a bat theme, much to my glee – both due to the upcoming frosh week, and because I adore Colcci in every single way.

I also love my hairstyle today.  I was playing with my hair last night, and stumbled across this look and LOVE it.  So I did a tutorial for all y’all.  It is silly easy, stupid fast and looks fantastic.

As I am rocking my inner witch, I leave you with a quote from my favorite witches:

By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes.

One final thing: A love-in in NYC to protest the fatties on teevee Marie Claire blog post by Maura Kelly. I love it. I’m so excited that people are responding to hate with love. Big ol’ sloppy kisses of love.


6 thoughts on “Fashion Flirting with Witchcraft

  1. I love the way your car is lurking in the behind in the first picture 😀

    it seems REALLY super easy to style your hair like this, even for someone like me, who can’t do pretty much anything with her hair that requires manual skills. I’ll try it one of these days.

    (weren’t you supposed to throw in some Portuguese in one of your videos? I’m dying to hear you speak in my mother tongue!)

    um beijo, querida!

    • Droga, I forgot! Next time, I swear.

      It is SO easy to do. I love hairstyles like that. Quick, easy and professional looking. And Mr. Fly hiding in the background made me laugh, too. He’s my familiar! Lol.


    • I went pixie cut short four years ago, and while growing it out I wore my hair in some variation of an updo for about 90% of the time. I bet you can do a cute variation of this up-do, but it would be wispier than mine!

  2. You’ve got amazing style! And love the quote! Did you know that “Something Wicked This Way Comes” is a book too? Coincidentally, I just read it. It’s by Ray Bradbury. Also, there’s a contest on facebook where you submit a picture of yourself with your fave accessories for a chance to win a $100 gift card to stores like HM, Anthropologie, Forever 21, etc. You should totally enter!

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