Fashion Flirting with Something Blue

Hat: lululemon athletica
Cardigan: The Gap
Stripe tunic dress: Renner (Brasília)
Strapless Dress worn under stripe tunic dress: lululemon athletica
Rubber boots: Le Chateau
Cat: Spawned from hell to vaporize you with laser eyes

It is Day 2 of Hallowe’en Theme Week!

Can you guess what today’s Hallowe’en costume outfit inspiration is?  I backed out of milk maid at the last minute when I realized it wasn’t quite right, and went for plan B.


True, Smurfette wears white, and her skin has a bit more of an azure cast to it than mine, but this is where I exercise my creative rights as a style blogger.  Also, I needed green rubber boots because it is über soggy out there today.  And I mean über soggy.  My adorable white dress, hat and ballet slippers would have dissolved in all the drizzle.  Not to mention my blue face paint would have completely rinsed off.

Tomorrow, I will be inspired by another Hallowe’en costume.  In my brain space, I have Princess, Angel, Sexy Devil, Greek Goddess, Ballerina and One-eye One-horned Flying Purple People Eater inspired outfits.  Not too sure what kind of inspiration will strike tomorrow!

(Image courtesy of Google Images)

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