Fashion Flirting with Arabesque, Fouette, Jete

Earrings: Estasi (Brasília)
Necklace: Tiffany
Sweater, tank, wrap skirt, leggings: lululemon athletica
Heels: Jump, from Town Shoes

Day 3 of Hallowe’en Costume Week: Ballerina.

I’d originally styled this outfit with a pair of fuzzy leg warmers and flats, but the idea behind my Costume Inspired week is to take inspiration from Hallowe’en costumes, not wear one.  The leg warmers and flats made the look a bit too literal.  Then, I realized my funky Jump heels had a bit of a leg warmer feel, and the round toe was evocative of a pair of ballet slippers.  Also, they worked much better with the purple dance sweater from lululemon.

During my first year at lululemon athletica, I took a beginner ballet for adults class.  I learned that even though my parents didn’t put me in ballet as a child, I didn’t miss out.  I love going to the ballet, and I love taking different kinds of dance classes for fun (hip hop, anyone?), but ballet just isn’t for me.  I mean, my turn out is terrible, and I just don’t have good feet.  And despite having, perhaps, the requisite strength, there is absolutely nothing about me that is delicate, except for maybe some pieces of jewelry.

I come from Irish blood, and the women in my family are built to birth, work had, and carry multiple children at once.  I think that about me.

All that being said, I still like to dress up like a ballerina sometimes, and I promise you this isn’t the first time I’ve done it.

Can I take one second to mention that it is incredibly unfair that you can still see the tan lines on my back from my first run in Brazil back in May?  Seriously, skin?  I mean, SERIOUSLY?  Sigh.

Not only is this my Day 3 Hallowe’en Costume Week Ballerina Outfit, but it is also my Civic Pride Voting Day Outfit.  Huzzah for voting!


5 thoughts on “Fashion Flirting with Arabesque, Fouette, Jete

  1. Love this! I’m always in awe of how beautiful & comfy lululemon’s clothing looks, but then my student budget looks at the price tag and has to squash that pipe dream. Sigh. Hopefully someday soon 🙂 Until then, I absolutely ADORE the lululemon pieces you have in your closet– and it’s fun to look!

    • The best thing is that I have so much because I worked at lulu for so long, and it is SUCH good quality that I won’t need to buy very much more for a good long time. There are a few outlets (one or two in the US), and most stores have a markdown section and SOMETIMES there are insane-o markdowns on pieces (dresses for $19, 2 pairs of shorts for $39, etc). Honestly, though? I prefer the clothing I work out in. Makes me want to run more when I think about the outfit I’ll be running in (seriously, when student budgeting ceases to be a concern, consider getting a pair of their run crops – they’re phenomenal)!

  2. The title of this post caught my ballet-loving eye. I love, Love, LOVE to dance. I’ve been dancing at the same ballet studio for the last 20 (shit!) years and my lack of turnout and arch leans me toward modern dance. But still, ballet was one of my first loves 🙂

    • I also love to dance! Actually, I just really like to move. Any kind of grooving makes me pretty happy, actually! I do love to watch ballet, though. Beautiful.

  3. Do you happen to remember the name of this sweater (or colour)? I know it was a long time ago, but I can’t seen to track it down by a google search. Thanks!

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