Fashion Flirting with an Itty Bitty Sneaker

Suede Hat: Danier Leather
Corduroy Blazer: H&M
Cashmere Sweater: Gap
Gress Patchwork Dress: Anthropology
Tights: Hue
Shooties: Arezzo
Sneaker Charm Necklace: Gift from a coworker
Ring: Gift from my mom

This necklace fills my heartspace with warm fuzzies.  A few years ago, I was training for the Manitoba Marathon.  Eight weeks prior to the marathon, while I was in Brazil,  I got sick.  Really sick, with mono.  I don’t think I’ve ever been quite that sick before.  Due to said illness, I wasn’t able to participate in the race.

Cue devastation.

One of my coworkers, another runner, was going to be running the Manitoba Half-Marathon.  At the Expo, she picked me up this charm, knowing I wasn’t going to be able to run the race, knowing I was a bit depressed about it. Every time I put this necklace on, it makes me smile.

I must take a moment to mention how much I love my current nail polish.  The love is partly rooted in the brand itself – Sally Hansen’s Complete Salon Manicure – and partly in the amazing colour – Café Au Lait.  The website claims that it is a manicure in a bottle, and let me tell you, it TOTALLY is.

The Complete Salon Manicure brand is particularly special as the brush isn’t the typical round nail polish brush, but flat, with a bit of a tapered point.  It is so EASY to apply, it almost looks like I have a professional manicure.  And I painted my nails yesterday afternoon between tweeting and working.  It took no time, and looks fantastic.  I generally prefer natural shades on my fingers, and CRAZY EXUBERANT OH EM GEE colours on my toes.  Café Au Lait is the perfect shade of neutral, with a touch of über trendy greige. I also have Guilty Pleasure, a gorgeous gold colour that I adore. I actually don’t think I’m going to need to worry about getting manicures anymore – I can do it myself.

Huzzah for budget friendly finger nail solutions!

(BTW: I’m just excited about the nail polish because it is awesome. This mini-review is coming from there, no one paid me or anything for writing it. It is just plain old awesome. That is all!)


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