Fashion Flirting with (Paradise) Circus

Earrings: Gift from a friend from Van City
Dark Purple Cardi: lululemon athletica
Dress: Vendor at the Feira da Lua in Brasília
Tights: Lupo
Platform Peep-toe Heels: Schutz
Bling: Blue Topaz square ring: gift from mom; London Blue Cabochon Cut Topaz Ring: designed by me for my 18th birthday

I awoke this morning to my iTunes-based alarm clock.  I play alarm clock roulette.  I will scroll through the music on my computer without looking, choose one at random, and see what wakes me up in the morning.  If the song is particularly irritating, or particularly wonderful, I’ll keep it on the alarm clock for a while.  For example, up until this morning, Purple Haze would coax me from my dreams into a waking state.  However, even the wonder that is Purple Haze grow tiring after six weeks of wake-ups.  Last night, I played alarm clock roulette again, and now I can’t stop listening to the song that woke me up and inspired my Fabulous Friday Outfit.

Friday’s fabulous item?  The shoes.  While they aren’t super fancy, they’re definitely outside of my comfort zone – I actually felt uncomfortable bringing them home, but loved them too much to let them go.  I wore them for the first time in Canada last week, and realized that I needed to wear them with startling regularity.  As the last time I wore them, they didn’t go with anything in my outfit (nothing in my outfit really went with any of my outfit, to be honest), this time, I wanted to wear an outfit of analogous colours (thanks to the lovely ladies at AcademiChic for their colour tutorials!).

As I mentioned the last time I wore this dress, I LOVE it.  It has such fun little details, the colours are super fun, it has pockets, is the perfect length of dress, and is perfect for summer.  I’m pretty excited that you can’t really tell that the fabric is a light cotton, so with appropriate layering I’ll be able to wear it well into the more wintery months.


4 thoughts on “Fashion Flirting with (Paradise) Circus

  1. gorgeous shoes indeed! I have similar ones, from Arezzo, but yours are prettier. and I loved them paired with green tights, I never thought of that.


    • Obrigada! I have shoes from Arezzo that are a similar shape, but they’re red satin, from two years ago. As for the tights, yeah I don’t know where the inspiration came from, but I’m glad it did! I think I need to invest in more coloured tights! They’re fun! BEIJO!

  2. I am in love with the square ring. Marvelous. Glad I came across your blog love.

    Keep it up!


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