Fashion Flirting with A Birthday Gift

Turtleneck: Gift from my mom
Purple LS Top: lululemon athletica
Jeans: Le Lis Blanc
Shoes: Arezzo

I’m feeling the monochromatic look today.  A softer purple from my usual purple monochromatic look, this look was inspired by and based on by the sweater my mother sent to me for my birthday.

This isn’t my style.  Turtlenecks aren’t really my cup of tea (I’d rather wrap a scarf around my neck), and the knit floral pattern across my bosom and shoulders isn’t what I would have chosen for myself (all my floral patterns live on my shoes).  That being said, I love that my mom sent me something to keep me warm (the sentimentalist in me is commenting that this turtleneck feels like a hug from her), I love the colours, and I love, love, LOVE wool sweaters.  I’ve started building a few weekend casual outfits based on the sweater, and I’m pretty excited to try them out, especially since this is so outside of my sartorial comfort zone.

Thanks, Mom!  I love it.


2 thoughts on “Fashion Flirting with A Birthday Gift

    • I do have a long skirt in the works, but I don’t own a long denim skirt! I tried wearing it with a scarf, but it doesn’t work. And, I don’t need to double up with this sweater!


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