Fashion Flirting with Love of Red

Earrings: Gift
Necklace: Tiffany
Blazer: Luigi Bertoli (Brasília)
Cardi: The Gap
Ring: Melanie Lynn
Bangles: Black faceted: thrifted; Lettering: Aldo
Dress: Aritzia
Shooties: Arezzo (Brasília)

Chickens, let’s talk colour.  I simply cannot seem to get enough.  I managed to wear the black blazer for about an hour before I needed something beyond the black and grey I’d originally put together.  I am a hippy at heart (shhh – don’t tell anyone), and I have made a study of colours, what they mean, why we’re attracted to them.

I am a Reiki practitioner, and when I practice Reiki on others and myself, I see – “see” – in colour.   The colours you are most attracted to are the ones that speak most to where you are, emotionally, mentally.  I cannot get enough of reds, pinks, burgundies.  Red is a rooted colour, aligned with your root Chakra.  It is associated with primal urges.  It packs a serious sexual punch, but not a sophisticated one (orange is the colour associated with sexual talent).  It also indicates a deep connection with the earth (but not the environment), a sense of stability.

I’m investigating what this means to me.  Does it mean that I am seeking these things, or that I’m feeling them?  It can be one or the other.  Time will tell.

In other news – less hippy, but still flighty – I love my hair today!


7 thoughts on “Fashion Flirting with Love of Red

  1. red is the color of SPORT CLUB INTERNACIONAL, the most awesome, incredible, magnificent, transplendid, and wonderful football team there has ever been. that’s why you love it. it’s the color of champions, it’s the color of passionate supporters, it’s the color of my heart 🙂

    [/crazy colorada mode off]


  2. That’s so awesome that you’re a Reiki practitioner! I’ve been looking into it for a while, but haven’t thought too seriously about it yet. How long have you been practicing?

    • I received my Level 1 three years ago, and my Level 2 six months later. I’ve been waiting for my Reiki Master to hold a Level 3, so sometime in that next year. After my Level 2 I had a bit of a Reiki freakout, and just couldn’t bring myself to practice for some reason. Every time I tried, I would get panicky. Then one day a friend of mine was really sick, and we were at a music festival, sitting at our campsite. I kept listening to him wheeze through deep breaths, and I offered to practice on him for a little bit. It felt so right, and I just felt really connected … plugged in, I guess. I haven’t had any anxiety about it since, and I practice regularly. I’ve been playing with the idea of renting some time in my friend’s Bodytalk space, seeing if I can book some clients.

      It is really worth it, and I found that it really helped me with learning how to meditate, and in deepening my yoga practice.

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