Fashion Flirting with Getting Bent

Sunglasses: Silver lotus
Leaf Earrings: Frock Star
Ring: Out of the Blue
Jeans Jacket: Buffalo, Thrifted from Ruby Slipper
Dress: Drosophilía (from Brasília)
Tank (layered under dress): lululemon athletica
Boots: Groundhog

Last night, A. and I went to see Ridley Bent’s CD Release party.  He is the only country singer I have ever loved.  It  was fantastic!  Before the release party we had an epic Jenga tournament.  I only won because A. knocked the table with his foot around 33 levels high.  I anticipate many epic Jenga tournaments in the future.

It has been gorgeous in Winnipeg lately.  Yesterday’s run was sweaty goodness, and because it has been so warm, I’ve been loving leaving my apartment, gams happily on display.  The entire city seems to have a permagrin on their faces because it is so lovely.

Yeah, I might as well have gone for a swim considering how soaked with sweat I was.  As always, all my workout gear is lululemon athletica.


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