Fashion Flirting with Awning

Dress: Renner (Brasília); Flip flops: Havaianas.

This dress reminds me of a striped umbrella – an awning, if you will.  It is so very warm out today, the maxi-dress captured the summery feel of the day.  Moments before strapping on my rollerblades to head to Bikram, I realized that a maxi-dress would get tangled up and I should probably change.

So I revisited my Grade 6 summer vacation uniform.  I used to have a jeans bucket hat that never left my head, mostly because I had my hair cut into a terrible bowl cut and I had NO idea how to style it.  So I covered instead!

Hat: Riachuelo (Brasília)
Dress: American Eagle
Tights: lululemon athletica

Except, when I was in Grade 6, my tights were electric blue and shiny, and I usually paired them with an oversized plaid shirt for extra sixth grade sexiness.


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