Fashion Flirting with Clay Ovens

Earrings: Thousand Villages in Edmonton
Sweater: Vero Moda
Strapless Ombré Dress: lululemon athletica
Rings: Topaz: birthday gift from Mom; Onyx: Street fair in Pirenópolis
Shoes: Arezzo

Last night I celebrated my birthday with closest friends (A. took the above photographs – THANKS, A.!).  While today (Sunday) is my actual birthday, I wanted Lamb Vindaloo from the Clay Oven and they aren’t open on Sundays.

This is only the second time I have worn this dress. The last time I wore it was last weekend. This is one of those reversible dresses I’m obsessed with, and the other side is all black. I’ve been saving the ombré side for a special occasion (I thought it was going to be for a wedding two springs ago … I’ve had this dress for two years now), and really, there isn’t a much more special occasion than one’s 29th birthday, yes? This is also the debut of these patent leather pumps on the blog. I wore them to a wedding this summer (hmmm, weird wedding connections in today’s outfit), and I think they might be my favorite pumps. Aside from being redonk comfortable, they’re the perfect pointy/not-pointy and almond/not-almond shape. And anyone who claims they aren’t a sucker for grey is lying.

Aside from Lamb Vindaloo, Butter Chicken, Butter Scallops, Chicken Tikki Masala, Naan bread and samosas, we celebrated with beer from a local brewery (love me some Half Pints) and games!  There were many epic Jenga games (one in particular was especially epic – I removed the “game changing block,” muah ha ha), some hilarious What? and awesome Monopoly Deal.  Also, the world’s most delicious birthday cake, and the most awkward and uncomfortable “Happy Birthday Song” of all time – although I think every year winds up being the most awkward and uncomfortable ever (I never know what to do with myself, dance, grin, look awkward and uncomfortable?  What do you do during YOUR “Happy Birthday Song?”).

It is definitely up there on my list of Best Birthdays Ever, and I wasn’t even looking forward to this birthday at all.  Today, my “party” is a yoga class, and then I’m taking my hungover ass to bed nice and early.  Here’s hoping I don’t throw up in Bikram!


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