Fashion Flirting with the Day after Dancing

Earrings: Estasi
Necklace: Street Fair in Pirenopólis
Blazer: H&M (yes, I wore this on Tuesday)
Maxi Dress: lululemon athletica
Silver Rasteras: Via Uno (Brasília)

Last night I went to the K’Naan concert in Winnipeg and it was PHENOMENAL.  Holy dyna.  I can’t get over how good it was.  I was sweating like a pig I was dancing so much.  I was cheering and screaming and singing so loudly that my voice was cutting out from time to time (my concert and movie buddy A. mentioned after the concert he could hear my voice cutting out).  The group of girls who were sitting on the other side of A. kept sending me a stink eyed look, something I found incredibly entertaining.  They were quite obviously a group of those “too cool teens,” wearing their fabulous hipster clothes, and much to cool to jump excitedly like a little girl – and they are much closer to being a little girl than I.

I can honestly say I couldn’t care less.  I had such a fantastic time, the music was amazing, the entire audience was literally surging with excitement.  So. Amazing.

Because I danced so freaking hardcore, today all I wanted to do was wear the ultimate comfort wear.  This organic cotton maxi dress from lululemon athletica is the definition of comfort.  I own two of them, and have worn this one before on the blog.  Actually, I was wearing this dress when I was stopped by the Free Press – as I’ve mentioned, one of the “inspirations” behind my starting this blog.


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