Fashion Flirting with Bi-atch, please

Earrings: Estasi
Necklace: Tiffany
Onyx Ring: Artisan Fair in Pirenópolis, Brasil
Cord Blazer: H&M
Navy Tunic Blouse: Joe Fresh Style
Long Jeans Shorts: Jacob
Shoes: Jump, purchased from Town Shoes

Not even cat-butt made me crack a smile.  My fake smile in the last picture is lame-o.  The funny thing is, I’m not in a bad mood today!  I’m in an awesome mood.  I had “coffee” over the phone with my best friend who lives in Van-City, and we haven’t spoken for over a month!  I have a meet and greet young professional networking event tonight and tomorrow I have plans for early morning yoga and a K’naan concert at night.

Nothing but good mood goin’ on in my house.

So… these Elf Shoes are stupid comfortable.  I adore them.  ADORE them.  I’m so pleased I pulled them out of my closet (and by closet, I mean a pile on the wingback chair in my bedroom) because they match my belt from this outfit. I wasn’t sure I was going to like them with the length of the shorts, but I’ve decided they’re perfect. Also squeaky.

When I was a kid, I used to love squeaky shoes. I think it has to do with my mom being a nurse. Nurses all seem to have squeaky shoes – at least once in their professional careers. I have no desire to be a nurse, but there is something awesome about nurses. Because they are awesome.

Even if – or maybe because – they have squeaky shoes.


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