Fashion Flirting with Two-Timing

Pearls (necklace and studs): Gift from my father when I was seven
Jeans Jacket: Thrifted from The Ruby Slipper, Brand: Buffalo
Strapless dress: lululemon athletica
Watches: Swatch (left), Birks (right)
Shooties: Arezzo

I’m two-timing with watches today.  Wanted to wear both, a delicate watch and a substantial one.  That way I would always know what time it is no matter which wrist I’m looking at.

I’ve been waiting to wear these shooties.  I love these shooties.  I got them in Brazil, and they were crazy on sale and they are the most comfortable heels I’ve worn in a long time.  Finally I thought to myself: why am I waiting?  Do I need an event?  Obviously not.  So I paired my shooties with a cotton strapless dress from lululemon, the cotton keeping the look from being too fancy smancy ish, and the jeans jacket to bring it down a bit, too.  And to throw all that to the wind, I added my pearls.  The loose bun was inspired by an ’80s prom.  And who doesn’t love a good old ’80s prom?

Also, last day of No Make-Up Week. To celebrate, I snapped a shot of myself while waking up.

Good morning!

I also internet stumbled across these shots of Taylor Swift for People’s 50 Most Beautiful.  She did these pictures with no make-up, but they didn’t make it into the spread.  I think that’s sad, because she looks stunning.

Take a look and judge for yourself. Just gorgeous.


7 thoughts on “Fashion Flirting with Two-Timing

  1. I think I am officially in love with you, and might be getting on a plane to Canada tomorrow to propose. divorce arrangements with my current husband are on their way.


    that’s maybe the best outfit I’ve seen you with so far. you look astonishing. (and Arezzo heels are the best)

    • Nossa, Fer! Thank you! Apologize to your (soon to be ex-) husband on my behalf, I’ll start cleaning now for your arrival!


      I totally agree – my Arezzo shoes are almost always my favorite. I have a pair of grey patent leather pumps I can’t wait to wear that I got this summer for a wedding but have yet to wear them in real life. I own many Arezzo shoes (and have many more I’ve stolen from my mother, hee hee hee)!


      • done! but I have to tell you: unlike you, I don’t wake up looking like a princess. actually, I look like I’ve been shred to pieces by angry squirrels during my sleep. so, if it’s ok with you, I’m yours 😀

        beijo, linda!

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