Fashion Flirting with a Victorian Vibe

Lace knit cardigan: Le Chateau
Crochet top: Some random (awesome) boutique in Ottawa on Dalhousie
Ribbon worn as belt: Off a sweater from Brazil
Skirt: Anthropologie
Tights: Stolen from my mom
Booties: Town Shoes

I found the crochet top the other day while digging through one of the eighty disorganized piles of clothing in my bedroom and instantly tried to find things I could wear it with.  As is often the case with items that were purchased more than five years ago, the length of the shirt is too short for me.  I can layer it under some dresses, or tuck it into a higher waisted skirt – ie: this beauty from Anthro.  I wandered about my place, trying to decide what else would go with it, and the outfit just randomly came together.  The geometric lace pattern on the brown cardi compliments the diamonds in the skirt, and helps to pull the crochet into the outfit without making it look too busy.  The pattern in the skirt keeps the whole outfit from looking too old.  And the booties have a Victorian edge without being too fussy thanks to the modern heel and the Mary Jane effect of the cutout.

Before I dressed in my Victorian inspired outfit, I ran out to grab some groceries and coffee and to treat myself to an über healthy Mango Bonanza smoothie from my favorite breakfast place, Fresh Cafe.  I wanted to wear a dress, show a little skin, but also be warm and cosy in the wonderful fall chill.  I felt totally perfectly bundled, perfectly “fall season” in my outfit.

Knit Cap: lululemon
Scarf: Club Monaco
Wool cardi: Vero Moda
Dresses: grey (layered underneath), lululemon; black (on top), Flax (Montreal)
Boots: Town Shoes.

I am so excited for tomorrow.  Arcade Fire is playing, and I am going with my besties, my Vegas buddies.  I am getting better at an exponential rate.  I’m not wearing any make-up, and I feel fantastic about how I look without it. Life is pretty effing good right now.


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