Fashion Flirting with Stretchy Clothes (but no yoga pants!)

I’m so friggin’ close to feeling completely better.  SO CLOSE.  When I’m not feeling well, not only do I desire cheerful, happy clothing,, I also want to wrap myself in comfort.  Because I also want to try to look nice, this generally means I gravitate towards lululemon.  Still pants, Scuba hoodies, Pima Cotton tee-shirts, hats…  Exceptionally comfortable clothing that looks a cut above your standard sweat pants.

Hat, jacket, pullover hoodie, tee-shirt (not pictured) AND underwear: lululemon athletica
Scarf: Club Monaco
Jeans: Le Lis Blanc
Ugg knit Boots

Things that I love about today’s outfit?  Thumbholes (especially on the pullover, because my sleeves don’t ride up when I put on the jacket), stretch, warmth, fleece-lined hat.  Also, the jacket has hidden “mittens” in the cuffs (lululemon calls them cuffins, something I have always found charming and endearing).

Today is also day two of No Make-Up Week. It is kind of fun to not have to worry about putting anything on my face. Just wash, moisturize and bounce. Even if I’m not really bouncing right now. More of a slow roll.  But I’m trying to fake-it until I actually feel it, as evidenced by my “no make-up picture” of the day.

Also, I’m officially addicted to I’ve been building outfits like crazy. If I could afford to shop right now, I would buy this entire outfit. I love it.

What I want to wear tomorrow

Actually, I would settle for those boots.  I don’t need the rest.  Just the $1,000.00 Miu Miu beauties.  Drool.


4 thoughts on “Fashion Flirting with Stretchy Clothes (but no yoga pants!)

  1. you do look better, that’s nice 🙂

    and I just don’t “get” polyvore, bymk, and sites like these. however, I LOVE roiworld*, so much that I’m ashamed to admit it in public. in fact, you know what? just delete this comment, and it’s like it’s never happened 😉


    (*, for those who are not familiar with.)

    • I had a social “test run” tonight. First time I’ve been out of the apartment for longer than 15 minutes with a friend, and have an AMAZING concert to go to on Thursday night, so I’m really happy to be looking AND feeling better!

      I didn’t get Polyvore EITHER. And then one day … I just did, and I’ve started making outfits for friends. I was telling a girlfriend about it, and she laughed because I always used to like dressing Barbies, and she liked to create these really intricate soap opera-like stories for our Barbies to re-enact. She grew out of the Barbie phase and I TOTALLY haven’t, lol. I like “dressing” people.

      MAYBE I’ll even “dress” you, body double.


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