Fashion Flirting with Cheer

Hat: lululemon athletica
Jean Jacket: Thrifted from The Ruby Slipper
Scarf: Club Monaco
Earrings: Out of the Blue
Dress worn as shirt and skirt: Renner (Brazil)
The thickest, warmest, most amazing wool socks: Newfoundland wool boutique Woof
Boots: Doc Martens bought in ’96 in Scotland

I won’t lie, I photoshopped my eyes a bit in that picture to hide the nasty effects of the pink eye.

I love this über slouchy hat.  Love.  I love everything about it.  How slouchy it is, how soft it is, how I can have it placed incredibly precariously on my head and it never seems to fall off, the colour…  I built today’s outfit around the dress that I’m wearing as a shirt.  I’d originally envisioned it being worn with a cropped wool cardigan in rich autumn shades, paired with the skirt over the dress, the shoes and hat I was wearing in yesterday’s post and a bright pink scarf.  As I am still feeling really crappy, I wanted cheer and happiness in my outfit through colour.

I gave up my search for the cardigan after a very underwhelming search.  The problem with looking for outfit components when you aren’t feeling well is that you give up really quickly.  However, during my search, I found the slouchy hat.  It kind of makes up for it.

These shoes are my happy shoes.  I can’t put flowers on my feet and not smile.  I paired them with the Best Socks Ever.  I made a vow to myself recently that moving forward I will only purchase and wear wool socks.  I really dislike cotton socks and I especially dislike unnatural fiber socks.  Last winter, I invested in a few pairs of merino wool technical running socks (man, the idea of running right now is laughable, but soon), and they are so vastly superior to the technical socks I used to own I don’t think I could ever go back.  In the gym and the summer months, I work out in my Vibram Five Fingers, and in the summer, I try really hard to never put of a pair of shoes that would ever require a sock.  My dad bought these socks for me on my very last day in Newfoundland.  I hand washed them last night so that I could wear them again today.

I can see how this will cause problems, and suspect I need to go on a wool sock buying binge.

What about you?  Is there anything that you are a fabric snob about?  Refuse to only wear silk undergarments?  Egyptian cotton sheets?  Inquiring minds want to know!


7 thoughts on “Fashion Flirting with Cheer

  1. great minds love skirts with sneakers (or sneakers-like footwear, for that matter), that’s for sure 😀

    and I’m glad to hear you’re feeling better 🙂

    • Getting there! Yay drugs, for their war on bacteria!

      You can’t really see it because of the jacket, but the dress (worn as shirt) has the same kind of blousy quality of your tee shirt. This might be the last time this year that you and I wear something similar, too. It’s getting colder here, and warmer there… Soon, I’ll be bundled up, and you’ll be flouncing around in a bikini 24-7. Jeeeeeeeeeealous.

      • I’m the one who’s jealous: I love the winter and hate the summer. ok, I don’t “hate” the summer. I kind of like it. but I HATE feeling “abafada”, you know? and Porto Alegre is terrible, sometimes I feel like I will melt. I’d so much prefer to be bundled up, that’s for sure 😛

      • Totally – verão brasileiro pode ser uma MERDA. Adoro inverno brasileiro, e tambem inverno canadense. Winnipeg can be so steamy and hot during the summer months. The only thing I strongly dislike about it is how hot my apartment gets. Os apartamentos em Brasil não tem esse problema, they’re constructed to keep heat out, so I’m invariably more comfortable! Also, I’d completely forgotten about the word “abafada,” and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. 🙂

  2. “constructed to keep the heat out”? maybe in Brasilia. in POA, no way, Ray!

    eu odeio odeio odeio ODEIO abafamento mais q qqer coisa no mundo. e verão porto-alegrense é assim 😦 (se bem q eu sou calorenta, e isso piora tudo. argh!)

    oh well.

    • Totally in Brasília! I’m usually cold when I’m inside, no matter what time of year it is!

      I just like the word. It’s a good word. Abafamento SOUNDS abafada, you know?

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