Fashion Flirting with shades of Olive

Chapeau: The Gap
Jacket: Shoulder (Brazil)
Dress: Thrifted at Frenchie’s in Nova Scotia
Purse: Uncle K (Brazil)
Boots: Groundhog

I’ve been absent from Fashion Flirting for a while for a few reasons.  Firstly because my parents’ home in Newfoundland doesn’t have an internet connection.  The parentals are renovating the house, and are making it into an amazing, beautiful property.  They have some wonderful inspiration from the view alone.

I’ve been sick for a while now, coughing up a storm.  I finally made my way to the doctor, and I’ve been diagnosed with bronchitis, sinusitis and pink eye (of all things).  Today was the first day I felt even remotely close to wanting to put on anything other than sweats and a hoodie.   Hopefully this trend will continue!  Fingers crossed, at least.


8 thoughts on “Fashion Flirting with shades of Olive

  1. sweetie! I’ve been following your updates on Twitter and I kind of knew you were sick, but I didn’t know it was that serious!

    I do hope you get better soon. um beijo, e um monte de pensamentos com coisas gostosas pra ti 🙂

    • ‘Brigada! It hasn’t been the most pleasant 2-1/2 weeks, that’s for sure. Thankfully with every coughing fit I get an ab workout, and with every antibiotic I take I get a little bit better. In theory. I’ve also had a few days of wonderful cat snuggles. I generally know when I’m getting better because my cat stops being calm and relaxed and snuggly, and becomes the crazed insane cat I know and love. Heh.

  2. Good morning sweetie, I am awake and packed for the airport.I just am having coffee and was saudade for your smile.Glad to hear that the antibiotics are working and that you are interested in life once again.You do look good in that shade of green.I remember that jacket!Love you,Mom xoxo

  3. I’m glad you’re starting to feel better. Bronchitis is no fun, and pink eye on top of it sounds miserable!
    I love the monochromatic olive outfit so much!

    • Thanks, Courtney!

      I don’t often pull together a monochromatic look on purpose, but lately I’ve really been gravitating towards that look. I have some awesome coloured tights that I can’t wait to base an outfit around!

      The pink eye is definitely my least favorite part of this whole business. I HATE not being able to touch my eyes, especially when they’re all gummy and itchy.

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