Fashion Flirting with Apples and Orchards

Earring and bracelet: Artisan Fair, Brasília
Denim button up: Sacada (Brasília)
Shorts: Banana Republic
Skull Ring: Out of the Blue (Winnipeg)
Flip Flops: Havaianas

I felt an awful lot like Kendi today.  Do you know Kendi?  From Kendi Everyday?

Every time that I caught sight of myself in the mirror, I thought to myself: “Rebecca, you’re so Kendi right now.”  As I basked in my supposed Kendiness, I also did other Kendi-like things.  I took a picture looking over my shoulder.  I tried to combine my name with other words…  Although “Rebecca” doesn’t really lend itself to fun word bending.

Did you know that Evian spelled backwards is Naive?

I’m on another trip.  In Nova Scotia, for a wedding.  It is going to be a wicked awesome party, but I’m a bit worried.  Everyone keeps talking about this asshole Earl who is apparently coming.  They’re worried that he’s going to ruin the party.  What a jerk!


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