Fashion Flirting with More Mr. Fly

Earrings: Thousand Villages in Edmonton
Wrap (worn as scarf) and bamboo knit tunic: lululemon athletica
Oversized Cardi: Vero Moda
Jeans: Le Lis Blanc
Rings: Darth Vader: Out of the Blue; Large Topaz ring: gift from my mother
Bracelets: Onyx: Artisan Fair in Brasília; Lava beads: Winnipeg Folk Festival 2009
Flip Flops: Gold Havaianas from Gap

I’ve mentioned that I am currently taking Accutane for my Adult Onset Acne.  I started month three of the six month treatment on Monday.  It isn’t the first time I’ve taken Accutane.  Like last time, the only negative side effect I have with Accutane (and there are many possible negative side effects associated with Accutane, as it is a hard-core drug … you need to take monthly blood tests to ensure that your kidney, liver and pancreas functions aren’t diminished) are incredibly dry lips.  I go through Blistex like NOBODY’s business.  Over the last few days it has gotten particularly bad, and I’ve had some cracks and bleeding.  You can see it in the pictures, but whatevs… I’m not wearing any makeup except for mascara, so I am not complaining.

Today’s outfit inspiration stems directly from the Darth Vader ring.  My friend Joel from Ottawa (now Vancouver), with whom I attended university, but never met in person (fuck, I love the internet), came up with a joke about the ring that made me laugh pretty hard.

Join me, and together we can rule the galaxy as father and thumb.

Joel is a film critic, and his reviews have never led me astray.  His blog is an awesome read, with the perfect balance of blockbuster, classic and indie film reviews. I highly recommend a read.

So, outfit inspiration.  This is a Very Loose Intepretation of Princess Leia.  So loose, in fact, that it isn’t REALLY very Leia-esque.  Maybe this is what Leia would wear when she and Han go out for beers.  Yes, my Leia inspiration is “off duty” Leia.  Leia who can chug a pint of beer with the best of ’em.


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