Fashion Flirting with Nerd Cred

I’m wearing a corduroy blazer and a scarf because it’s chilly outside!  The weather will warm again tomorrow, but I’m enjoying the reprieve.

Hat & Shoes: Zara
White tee: lululemon athletica
Blazer: H&M
Jeans: Le Lis Blanc
Scarf: Gap
Ring: Out of the Blue

I don’t love or hate today’s outfit.  I feel kind of MEH about it, although I love that I’m wearing a blazer.  The true star of today’s outfit is my brand spankin’ new Nerd Cred Ring.

Oh my gosh, I think it might be the best ring ever.  I’ve been walking around my apartment trying to come up with the best Vader-inspired bad nerd joke.

I’ve come up with: “Rebecca… I am your finger,” and “Rebecca … I’m on your finger.”  Neither one is very funny.  I don’t care, because this ring appeases my inner nerd, my inner fashionista AND my inner angst-filled 15-year-old.  Rare combination, friends.

Also, in the interest of making the internet a better place for everyone, I share with you the best website on the internet:  You know how there’s now an app for everything?

Oh, I’m constipated.
There’s an app for that.
My wife left me.
There’s an app for that!

Now, thanks to StereoMood, there’s a PLAYLIST for everything, too.  No, really.

I’m asleep on my feet.
There’s a playlist for that!
I feel like crying.
There’s a playlist for that!

The internet is such a wonderful place.


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