Fashion Flirting with Cat Eyes

There was a snag in my One Dress Seven Looks mini-challenge.  A literal snag.  I had to take the dress back because the stitching failed (this happens upon occasion with flat seaming, but it was so obvious, and affected the way the fabric was hanging so I couldn’t ignore it).  Unfortunately, the dress I bought was the last one in my size and that specific colour combination.  Instead of a new dress, I bought a new bra for Bikram.

Once the snag was brought to my attention, I had to come up with outfits again, and just wasn’t making the effort to take pictures of them.  Thankfully, not a one of them was especially spectacular.  I don’t feel like I was letting anyone down.

Sunnies and blue button-up tunic: Joe Fresh Style
Earrings: P’lover
Necklaces: Key: Tiffany; West End: Hilary Druxman; Heart: Out of the Blue
Shorts: Mandi
Seed bracelet and Gladiator Sandals: Artisan fair in Brasília

The temperature dropped sufficiently so that I could straighten my hair.  I love my hair when it is straight and shiny.  I feel prettier when I’m having a good hair day.

The most important accessory for me will almost always be my sunglasses.  This is the first time I’ve ever experimented with a cat-eye shape in sunglasses.  I think I love them, but I’m not completely positive.

Kyle is the stuffy who sits on top of my bookshelf and looks mildly disapproving of everything that I do.


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