Fashion Flirting with The Twist

Rather, the lululemon athletica Twisted DressI wore it yesterday. And styled it differently today. And I think, because I need inspiration to do laundry, that I am going to wear it every day for a week. This will be followed by a vote as to which was the best look.

lululemon athletica Halifax put together a video in June of their new products, and the first item they discuss and demo is the Twisted Dress.  Showing it in action is much easier than trying to describe it, so watch the first … 40 seconds or so, and you’ll get a good idea of how versatile this dress can be.

Hat: Zara, Brasília
Glasses: The Ever Fabulous Hakim Optical (I need a new pair, and am taking suggestions as to style)
“Jean” Jacket: The Bomber Jacket from lululemon athletica (2007?)
Dress: lululemon athletica’s Twisted Dress
Belt: Shoulder, Brasília
Gladiators: Brazilian Artisan

Today I reversed the dress so that they grey side was out, and dropped the outer layer neckline down so that it sat at my waist, tucked the straps into the skirt, and belted it.  This way, I have a bit more length that I did yesterday, and I don’t have to worry as much about getting the white skirt dirty (I had to change mid-way through the day yesterday because the rain freaked me out about getting splashes of muddy water on the dress).  It also gave an awesome illusion of a tank tucked into a skirt, and the tank will never untuck. Awesome.

The jacket is one of my favorite pieces.  I used to wear it all the time, but have only worn it once or twice in the past year.  It is made of lululemon’s signature fabric, luon – with a twist (the theme of the week, seemingly).  This form of luon looks like black demin (they also have blue denim luon, white, lavender and pink denim luons), but is as stretchy as the stretchy pants.  I bought a pair of Groove Pants in blue demin luon for my mom for Christmas, and she thought they were Da Bomb dot com, she dresses them up, but is eight billion times more comfortable in these pants than she would have been in a similar pair of jeans.

Aside: I will wax eternal about how awesome lululemon clothing is because lululemon clothing is … well, it’s awesome.  I worked for the company for 3 years, and still shop at lululemon because I love the clothing so much despite the fact that I have approximately three metric tons of luon garments in my clothing collection.  I get nothing for talking about the company or the clothing beyond the occasional comment from a member of the online community (Hi Jenna!  Hi Shawna!).

Hair cut tomorrow morning.  Will be interesting to see what I wind up going with.  Will I say: “eff it,” and tell Laura to chop it all off?  Only time will tell!


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