Fashion Flirting with Tick Tock, Tick Tock

Have you ever felt limited by your watches?  I’ve only recently started wearing gold, brass and copper jewelry with any degree of regularity.  I’m still not entirely comfortable mixing my metals (other than pewter and silver), not unlike my aversion to wearing black and brown together.  I’ve been wearing my silver Swatch watch for a few years now, but it doesn’t always fit in with the outfits I’ve planned.

I love this watch, but I needed a bit more variety.  I’m not a big fan of dainty, girly watches.  I like big, clunky watches.    One day, while shopping with my mom, we came across a Champion watch combination that I fell for.

Perfect for every occasion.  I’m obsessed with the bright turquoise one.

I’ve been wearing a variation of this outfit pretty much every day for the last week or so.   Boring, sure.  I can’t quite bring myself to care, interestingly enough.  I feel comfortable in it, and I love this hat and earring.

Hat: Zara
Earring: Hippie Fair (Brasília)
Necklace: Hilary Druxman
Tee-shirt: lululemon athletica
Shorts: Mandi
Watch: Champion
Rasteras: Via Uno

I am not a big fan of wearing clothing that has writing on it – mostly because I find words written across my boob region to be somewhat unflattering.  I followed the “Message Tee” discussion on Academichic closely (that started here with the “Marriage is so Gay” tee-shirt worn by S.), as I found the reasons behind E., A. and S.’s message tee-shirt choices fascinating.

(As an aside, I really like the “Marriage is So Gay” shirts, I just really hate that specific American Apparel tee-shirt.  It is the least flattering AA tee for my body.  This dislike of the American Apparel tee-shirt isn’t including the recent American Apparel drama llama that has been trotting through the fashion blogosphere as of late.)

While message tees have never really held much appeal to me, message jewelry is totally cool.  This particular necklace is awesome.  The West End of Winnipeg is one of the most culturally rich ends of town with amazing restaurants and music venues.  It is also one of Winnipeg’s most dangerous neighborhoods, and is becoming increasingly dangerous over time.  Hilary Druxman is a local jewelry designer, and she worked with Ace Burpee (a local radio DJ who grew up in the West End) to create the Wear the West End initiative. 100% of the net proceeds from the purchase of this necklace is being donated to two different West End based charities, the West Central Women’s Resource Centre & the Spence Neighborhood Association. I love this necklace, and feel that the peace symbol also fits nicely with the feather earring.


4 thoughts on “Fashion Flirting with Tick Tock, Tick Tock

  1. I think it happens to everybody, or at least it happens to me frequently enough to recognize the feeling: there are times when it’s just simply comfortable and nice not to care about what to wear and just put on the same variation of a certain outfit for a week or so. I did this while on vacation and it was really liberating, not having to think about my clothes when there were so many places and people I wanted to focus on.

    and the outfit is simple and elegant. the accessories really “make” it; if I saw you on the street like that, you’d certainly catch my eye 🙂

    um beijo!

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