Fashion Flirting with Coming Home

I’ve been MIA on the blog for a while.  This is due entirely to flying from Brasília to São Paulo to Toronto.  A few days in Toronto to shop, spend time with friends and see an awesome play, followed by an early morning flight back to Winnipeg.

Due to a camera mix-up, the Toronto pictures I took are in Ottawa, with my parents, and may never be seen again.

My parents and I arrived in Toronto with little stress.  Managed to get through customs without any problems (always pick the line with the fresh-faced boy or the grumpiest looking old man, and charm the pants off them – one big toothy grin and a happy “Good morning!” is all it takes), managed to rent the car without any problems, and we even managed to make our way through Toronto to our friend’s apartment in North York without any problems.  We had some breakfast, took a nap, went grocery shopping, and then I found a Bikram studio a 5 minute drive from Arnie’s apartment.

Following the yoga class, dinner and 1/6th of a bottle of 15-year-old Dalwhinnie, a friend of mine from Carleton University picked me up, and we headed downtown to listen to some live music and drink more scotch.  My wonderful friend Amanda, from the Toronto-based theater blog The Way I See It, met up with us, and she had the distinct pleasure of tweeting her drunkest tweet ever as a direct result of the influence of friend Rob.

The bartender also serenaded me.  I suspect this has to do with how wonderful my hat and feather earring are.

Following day involved shopping at the Eaton Center with my mom, then meeting Amanda for dinner at the Yonge Street Craft Burger. I had the lamb burger and just about lost my mind over how freaking delicious it was.  I don’t think I’ve ever had the pleasure of eating such a wonderful burger.  If you are ever in Toronto, or you live in Toronto and have never been, I suggest getting there are quickly as humanly possible.

After dinner, Amanda and I went to see a play!  We went to see Love, Loss and What I Wore, starring Andrea Martin, Mary Walsh (who has the most amazing legs ever), Sharron Matthews, Paula Brancati and Louise Pitre. Read Amanda’s review of the play here.

The play was wonderful. I laughed, and even teared up a little bit during a few sketches.  It was something of a combination between Sex and the City, the Vagina Monologue and my mother’s closet.  Very heart warming.

L-R Louise Pitre, Mary Walsh, Andrea Martin, Sharron Matthews, Paula Brancati
Photo credit: Love, Loss and What I Wore Toronto Facebook Page

Amanda and I shortly thereafter made our way to a bar on Front Street called C’est What to meet friends I haven’t seen in forever for beverages.  We closed down the bar, and wandered around before Amanda and I had to beg off for sleeping purposes.

The next day, I went to Anthropologie with my mother, and she treated me to beautiful, wonderful treats.  I can’t wait to wear the crap right out of them all, I love everything so much.  As Amanda mentioned on her twitter, seeing Love, Loss and What I Wore was obviously the reasons why the two of us made our way to Anthropologie the next day.  I’ll call it the power of the universe, as we had no plans to go to Anthropologie, but the store in Shops at Don Mills just kind of fell into our laps.

I donned some new Anthro duds, and my parents, Arnie and I met Amanda for dinner, followed by dessert and drinks at another friend’s place before finally needing to leave as my flight to Winnipeg, and the parentals’ flight to Ottawa left the next morning.  I am now back in my apartment, surrounded by my wardrobe, mixing and matching old items with brand new ones, and trying to find my new shoes a home.

This is lengthier than I had planned, but I finish my travel tale with these final thoughts: The first class lounge is a wonderful place to hang out prior to a flight.  Working at lululemon ruined my feet for wearing high heels, but living in Brazil for two months, and wearing them almost every day, trained them to be comfortable in heels again.  I love wearing high heels.  Toronto is a much cooler place now that I know people who live there, and now that I am old enough to appreciate what the city has to offer.  Torontonians dress better than Winnipeggers.  And Brazilians.  I’m really happy to be home, but it is a bittersweet happiness.


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