Fashion Flirting with 1 Skirt, 2 Days

Inspired.  And owning a new skirt that I’m not ready to take off yet because – get this – it looks like someone lobbed off the bottom of a trench coat and turned it into the Best Skirt Ever.  I’m in love.


STAGECOACH earrings and necklace: Renner
Tee Shirt: Gap
Skirt: Renner
Bangle: Borrowed from Mom
Shoes: Hippie Artisan Fair, Brasília

Best beer ever.  I mourn not having it at my disposal in Canada.  I’m such a fan of stout, and this is the best stout I’ve ever had.  After drinking a few of these, I fell into bed.  When I woke up, the skirt was just right there, so… I put it on again.

Sparrow earrings, necklace and skirt: Renner
White jean jacket: borrowed from Mom
White tee-shirt: lululemon athletica
Brand New Taupe Purse: Uncle K (I’m in love with this purse)
Socks: The Bay
Shoes: Borrowed from Mom

I am totally wearing socks with high-heeled sandals.  I feel so trendy.  Ooooh!  Aaaaah!  The guy who owns this motorcycle parks it right in front of the entrance to our building every night.  I’ve desperately wanted to pose with it.  Last night – due, in large part to the bottle of champagne I drank  by myself – I decided it was the night.  I’m awfully glad I did.

Today will be all about packing and picking up last-minute items.  The packing?  Not looking forward to it.  I’ve purchased a lot of shoes since I arrived.

Sigh.  And that’s not even all of them.


4 thoughts on “Fashion Flirting with 1 Skirt, 2 Days

  1. hi, body double! I missed reading your blog while I was away 🙂

    you look awesome as always. my next vacation will have to be in Brasilia the next time you’re here, hehehe.

    um beijo!

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