Fashion Flirting with Russell Crowe

OK, not really.  But I am wearing my gladiators today.  Logical thought progression – gladiator sandals, Gladiator the movie!

Forgive me for my lack of posting.  I’ve been an illin’ kitten, friends.  Tuesday was spent flat on my back, unable to get up for more than 5 minutes at a time before I was forced to retreat to bed, rest my spinning head.  As always with my immune system, it takes about 12 hours for the sickness to really set in (this would have been Monday), 24 hours of being really, intensely sick (Tuesday), and 12 hours to go from deathly to bouncing ball of energy (Wednesday).  Today I am feeling much more like myself, although still a bit off.  Thus, the sunglasses stay on.

Sunnies: Out of the Blue
Earrings and bracelet assortment: Mom’s jewelery box (I grabbed everything gold and turquoise I could find).
Tee-Shirt with POCKETS: Sol e Vento (Brasília)
Shorts: Mandi (Brasília)
Gladiators: Hippie Artisan Fair (Brasília)

My pocket obsession has reached a point that it has infected my mother.  My mom likes specific aspects of a garment, and when she finds it she falls in love with said garment, regardless of how it looks.  Examples of this: the colour turquoise, the colour orange, pockets in dresses and tee-shirts, sparkles and shiny embellishments.  If Mom sees any of those things, she will do her damnest to bring them home with her – not dissimilar to a crow.

I say that with love.

Thankfully, I’m feeling turquoise today, and tonight we have a dinner.  I’m going to attempt another monochromatic look. Courtney, from Loving the Reflection, has challenged her readers to share their favorite monochromatic looks.  I will be raiding the turquoise side of Mom’s closet to built a moderately fancy dinner appropriate monochromatic turquoise look.  I shared the above linked look with Courtney, but will try again tonight and share the results tomorrow.


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