Fashion Flirting with Macumba

Earrings: Harvest Moon Festival, Clearwater, MB
Necklace: Street fair in Pirenopolis
Jacket: Liz Claiborne
Dress: Request
Bracelet: Winnipeg Folk Festival
Rings: Onyx from Street Fair in Pirenopolis; Sparkly from under a cake
Shoes: Zara

Yep.  The ring is from under a cake.

Last night, I went to a psuedo-rehersal dinner for my friends Marina and François Xavier.  They are getting married tomorrow – YAY! – and invited their friends and family over to FX’s parents house to eat, drink and be merry.

It was a veritable international gathering.  Marina and FX are both Franco-Brazilians.  We all went to the same high school in Brasília, and after graduation, the students scattered across the globe.  Brazilians, French, British, Canadian… To name a few.  We were all switching between English, Portuguese and French to the best of our abilities.  It was pretty awesome.

After dinner, there were some speeches, and then a Macumbista ceremony to determine who of the remaining single ladies would be the next to marry.  In this Macumba tradition, ribbons are placed beneath a cake.  One ribbon is tied to a ring.  The single ladies all choose a ribbon, and at the same time, they pull them out.  The woman to pull out the ring is the next woman to get married.

I chose the ribbon with the ring.

It was pretty entertaining, especially since one of my high school friends got really competitive about which ribbon she wanted – interestingly enough, the one that was RIGHT in front of me.  She knocked my hand out-of-the-way to grab the end of the turquoise ribbon.  I rolled my eyes, because these traditions (the crazy women pushing and shoving to catch the bouquet, etc) irritated me quite a bit.  I grabbed hold of the lime green ribbon right in front of her, pulled it out, and there was the ring.

Macumba is a hoodoo-like religion that you find in Brazil, and other Afro-Catholic nations (Cuba, Haiti, etc).  The voodoo version is called Candomblé.  I find Macumba and Candomblé extremely interesting, and do respect some of the saints – or Orixás, particularly Yemanjá.

I’ve been wearing the ring, mostly as a joke, today.  It is very sparkly.  I like sparkly things.

Suspicious dog is suspicious.


3 thoughts on “Fashion Flirting with Macumba

  1. I love your hair in these pictures! Pretty much what I wish I could achieve practically every day, but my curls just won’t have it. Great story about the ring, too 🙂

    • Thanks! Well, you could do something like this, just … with curly hair! I like to do curly updos when it is really humid and my hairdryer is banished. Besides, your hair is gorgeous in every single way. Lucky duck.

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