Fashion Flirting with the Boudoir

When it comes to getting my sleep on, I’m a pretty low maintenance kind of girl.  Regardless of whether or not I am sleeping with someone or not, I dress for myself for bed.  Sleep is one of my all time favorite activities, and I like to be comfortable and cozy so my sleep will be deep and restful.  A soft cotton tee-shirt and a pair of comfortable panties and I am good to go in the summer months, and a warm comforter and some fuzzy flannel PJs are all I need once the snow flies.

Upon very rare occasion, I will see something frilly and flimsy in a store window and my HAVETOHAVEIT instinct will kick in.  I’ll bring said frilly flimsy thing home and will indulge in going to bed feeling like a sex kitten.

Last night, while looking for a dress for my friend’s wedding on Saturday (I tend to leave things to the last-minute), I walked by a lingerie store called HOPE and fell head over heels in love with this camisole-brief set. I suspect this is a Brazilian line, but I’m not 100% positive. In any event, the lingerie and “foundations” found within are good quality, wide assortment of sizes (rare in the Brazilian underwear market – people taller than 5’4″ or bigger than a B-cup are kind of buggered for bras and cute panties), and really well priced. The prices compare with VS and La Senza once you factor in the exchange rate.

They also have sequined bras and panties that are stupid cute, sassy and sexy.

What do you sleep in?  Are you an in-the-buff snoozer?  Shapeless, soft and comfortable?  Bra and panties?  What is your boudoir outfit of choice?  And, for that matter, what is your favorite place to buy sleepwear?


9 thoughts on “Fashion Flirting with the Boudoir

    • I like the way you roll, Mr. Moon Man.

      There’s a store in Winnipeg called Mix Tape. They sell things with mix tapes on them. As well as other hipster gear.

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