Fashion Flirting with Copying! Gasp!

Oh NOES.  I’m ignoring my inner academic and am committing outfit plagiarism.

But wait! Exclaims my inner academic.  So long as you credit it isn’t plagiarism, silly goose.

Christina, from Second Skin Style (she is fabulous and stylish and beautiful in every way – go read her blog, I decree it) has been known to modify a vintage scarf into a wonderful top. I channeled my inner Christina, and did that with a neat scarf with a print I’m obsessed with.

See?  I do know how to smile.

Earrings: Frock Star in Winnipeg
Scarf: Renner in Brasília
Shorts: Animale in Brasília
Boots: Aldo in Ottawa

You’ll note you can spy my first tattoo in the full length picture.  It is my birth sign.  It isn’t very big.  I got it when I was 18 as a “congratulations, you’ve graduated from High School” gift to myself.  I had no idea that pants were going to shrink in rise.  I’d chosen that location to keep it covered and hidden.  Suddenly, Britney Spears reared her ugly head and everyone’s pants shrunk down to the freaking pubic bone.  Colour me frustrated.

I do wish that I’d waited longer, and gotten a tattoo that meant something to me rather than just walking into the tattoo shop and pointing to the first one that struck my fancy.  It is now an important life lesson to me, and I keep the tattoo (rather than have it removed) and always think of it fondly.

I now have a rule: no tattoos until two years after I get the design.  Strange thing has happened since I implemented the rule.  No new tattoos in 6 years.  Interesting how that has happened.  I’m nine months into the wait for one I came up with after I had a Very Important Experience with a spider.

I’ll tell that story some other time, though.

I’m not 100% on the boots with this outfit combination.  I think the next time I put it together, I’ll wear something lighter on my feet because the shorts themselves are pretty substantial.  Heavy shorts, if you will, because of the enormous pockets.  Can we talk about these pockets for two seconds?  They’re ridiculous.  I love them.  They’re completely useless.  I would never put anything in the pockets, because there is a huge risk of items falling out or easily being snatched.

I don’t always wear the most practical clothing, though.  Sometimes, you just have to wear things that are fabulous and fun and leave it at that.


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