Fashion Flirting with Bandeau Bikinis, a see-through dress and The Best Shoes Ever (x2)

Ah, Pirenopolis.  Originally a silver mining town, now an ecotourism destination in the Brazilian state of Goaís.  The city is a historical wonder.  You’ll note the small windows of the houses – they are so designed to keep out the heat of the day.  Because the houses aren’t very detailed, and because Brazilians are so very wonderfully dramatic, the houses are often painted extremely bright colours.  As a result, every street in Pirenopolis – and many other Brazilian towns and cities, Salvador being the most notable – look like a party just waiting to happen.

Necklace: Street fair in Pirenopolis
Tee-shirt: 5 Year Tee from lululemon athletica
Shorts: Sacada
Sandals: Aldo

The streets are also all cobble.  Beautiful, yes.  Difficult to traverse in high heels.  Thus, I wore flats – my trusty lime yellow Aldo sandals – and whistled in appreciation every time I watch a woman strutting her stuff in a pair of towering Brazilian heels.  I bought the Aldo sandals two summers ago for a wedding.  Slowly I realized that they went with absolutely everything that I own.  I have yet to find an outfit that these shoes don’t work with.  And they are extremely comfortable.  They were also really cheap – less than $20.00.

Speaking of shoes, one more weekend where my love of my Vibram Five Fingers has been reinforced.  They are the best.  From now on, when I travel and can only bring a small bag, I’ll be bringing two pairs of shoes – my lime yellow Aldo sandals, and my Vibram Five Fingers.  They are the only shoes I brought with me this weekend, and they were all I needed for every single event and activity. The best thing? Neither shoe takes up much room in your bag. Perfect weekend mini-break shoes.

Endorsement done of the VFFs.

I highly encourage everyone to find the one pair of sandals – or flats, for that matter – that can be worn with pretty much everything you own, despite colour.  Kind of a cross between E.’s non-sequitur shoe (from Academichic) and Sally’s go-to flats (from Already Pretty). Comfortable and attention grabbing.

Earrings: P’lover, Halifax
Wrap: Artizia, Winnipeg
Scarf: Feira da Lua, Brasília
Necklace: Out of the Blue, Winnipeg
Black Sweater: Gap, Ottawa
Dresses: Top layer: Flax, Montreal; Bottom layer: Apostrophe, Newfoundland
Bracelet: Winnipeg Folk Festival
Purse: Colcci, Brasília
Shoes: Aldo, Winnipeg

The Flax dress is see-through, one of the perils of linen.  Horribly so, actually.  Generally, I wear it with tights and a cardigan that is as long as the dress to cut down on the transparency.  I wasn’t feeling that on Friday night, so I layered a nightgown underneath.  The nightie has a higher neckline that the Flax dress, and is stitched with a silver thread.  As a result, I wore the circle scarf to cover the silver stitching.  At night it was freezing – and after a chicken experience I don’t want to rehash, I’m back on the full-time vegetarianism train, so my ability to keep myself warm effectively has been dampened.  The sweater, the boyfriend pullover from the Gap (2009) has a tighter hem than body, and the skirt of the dress flares a bit.  After some tugging, I managed to fit the sweater happily under the Flax dress and over the nightie.  All in all, I really liked my outfit.

Bandeau: Lenny, Brasília
Crops: Extend Crops from lululemon athletica
Shoes: Vibram Five Fingers

This was my Very First Time wearing a bandeau bikini top.  I never thought that they were the most practical of bikini tops, until I found this one.  It is from an awesome Brazilian brand called Lenny.  I don’t know exactly what the difference is between this one and others I’ve tried, other than it was more supportive than any other bandeau I’ve tried, and didn’t cut into that under the arm fat like most bandeaus.  Neither did it make my bust look oddly shaped, as I also find bandeaus tend to do with me.  I am both impressed and thankful, and the tan lines on my back are much better.  Sort of.

This water was incredibly clear.  My feet were nibbled on by little fish.  We spent about an hour at this natural pool.  The Blue Lagoon, I seem to recall they called it.  Or the Blue Grotto.  In any event.  The water was freezing, but it was so beautiful I didn’t notice.  I felt like a little kid, and didn’t want to get out of the water – even when my lips were blue and teeth chattering.  I swam behind the waterfall – something I’ve always been too afraid to do.  Granted, this particular waterfall isn’t very big, nevertheless I faced down a fear.

Aside:  I’ve always been afraid to swim behind a waterfall because I wear contact lenses, and didn’t want to risk losing them while hiking.  The same reason why I have never opened my eyes underwater.  After managing to face this particular fear, when my watch – not waterproof – was knocked into the pool by my swimming coach this morning, I had no fear to dive to the bottom of the deep end of the pool and open my eyes to find my watch on the pool’s floor.  And wouldn’t you know, my contact lenses stayed in my eyes.  I had NO idea they would do that.

I want to have this kind of sink in my future residence where I can renovate to my heart’s content (ie: where I own, instead of rent).  I was incredibly taken by this bathroom’s set of sinks.  In the middle of nowhere, we found a place to eat some grub.  I’ve learned through running and travel that you always go to the bathroom when a bathroom is available, even if you don’t have to go.  It is completely and totally worth it, especially when you have a 2 hour drive ahead of you, and bathrooms in gas stations are extra sketchy.

And sometimes you find something awesome in one of those washrooms, like these bucket sinks.

One last picture for good measure.  Meet Rosa.  Our B&B has a pet macaw.  She’s pretty awesome and her feathers are gorgeous.  I have a problem with pet parrots (I won’t rant about the various issues facing parrots -exotic animals period – in captivity other than to say that most people are ill equiped to care for them.  Exotic animals have on average less than 3 generations between them and the wild.  They still have the heart of a wild creature beating within their breast – unlike cats and dogs, who have become domesticated over thousands of years.), and I found it very difficult to see her on her perch, people peering at her, trying to feed her, trying to pet her.  She’s well cared for, and the staff at the B&B love her.  That is good.  I just can’t imagine what it would be like for her, wings clipped, her natural habitat surrounding her, but unable to access it.  We had a nice long chat, Rosa and I – and my mom snapped some pictures while we were talking.


6 thoughts on “Fashion Flirting with Bandeau Bikinis, a see-through dress and The Best Shoes Ever (x2)

  1. so, I was here earlier today and I meant to leave a reply in this post, after I saw your pictures in a bikini, but I wasn’t 100% sure of the thing I meant say to you then. then I sent the link to this post to my husband so he could help me decide if I was imagining things or not, and he agreed with the comment I was going to leave here. which is: I think you may be my body double, except taller.

    this is good, because I can now test the looks I’m not sure about by seeing you on them first 😉


    PS: as for bikinis, you MUST try Rosa Chá. yes, they’re ridiculously expensive, but the way they make you look in them is totally worth every penny.

    • Really? That’s awesome! I love having body doubles!

      I do want to try out Rosa Chá. I’m a big fan.

      Let me know what you want me to wear- I’m game. 🙂

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