Fashion Flirting with Canada Day!

I don’t own much red.  And that which I do own, I left in Canada.  So to celebrate Canada Day, in lieu of wearing the standard red and white, I wore an outfit made up entirely of pieces from Canadian companies, designers and vendors.

I put Joe to the max to try to capture this outfit, as it is largely black, thus difficult for Joe’s built in camera to pick up on the subtleties of the outfit.

Earrings: P’lover (Halifax, recycled silver, made in Halifax)
Scarf: Toronto Duty Free
Sweater: Aritzia
Tank tunic thing: the Fluidity Tank (I think?) from lululemon athletica
Tights: Wunder Under Tights from lululemon athletica
Shoes: Aldo
Bracelet: Made and designed in Toronto by Matsu, purchased in Winnipeg at Desart

Today was my Big Scary tank-top-free run.  It was definitely interesting.  I felt so strange in the elevator, seeing myself in the mirror wearing my crops and sports bra (the Scoop Neck Tank and Empower Crops from lululemon, if you were interested).  There wasn’t much skin showing, really.  The tights have a higher rise, so it wasn’t scandalous.  I had my iPod turned up louder than I generally listen to it, completely as a defense mechanism.  I’m not sure what I didn’t want to hear, but I just wanted to go for my run and completely ignore everyone else around me.

My stride was off, it was really bothering me, and I couldn’t figure out why I was running so raggedly.  I was also having problems with my arms, my shoulders were really tense, and kept creeping up.  It hit me after about a mile that I was having a horrible run because I was so tense and uncomfortable.  I purposely relaxed my body, and tried to turn my brain off.

It took about four miles out of seven for me to finally relax and actually run. There were no more or less comments or car honks than normal.  My sunglasses, and shoes, got more odd looks than my very white belly.  When I realized that no one cared, I calmed down.

I started thinking about my first few Bikram Yoga classes.  I would wear shorts that hit at mid-thigh, and a tank top over my sports bra.  I was convinced that people were looking at me, judging me.  It took me a long time to finally leave the tank top behind and invest in some itty bitty short shorts more appropriate for a hot yoga class.  The first time I went to a class in itty bitty short shorts and a sports bra I felt the exact same way that I felt today.  Uncomfortable.  I had a horrible practice because I kept focusing on what my body looked like instead of what it was doing.  Now?  I don’t even think about it.  I prance around the studio before class wearing next to nothing, work like crazy during the class wearing next to nothing, and hang out after the class wearing next to nothing.  No one cares, and neither do I.

By the time that I got home, it was just another run.  I’ll definitely run in just a sports bra again.  Probably on my long runs when it is really hot out.  I’m not as proud of myself as I thought I was going to be, but I’m glad I’ve reminded myself that scary things aren’t actually that scary.

Did you do anything today that scares you?  Tell me about it!


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