Fashion Flirting with Waterfalls, Hiking, Sunlight and 862 pictures to sort through

I spent the weekend in a place one might call paradise.

And while I was there, I went hiking, swimming under waterfalls, ziplining and wore some cute clothes.  Nothing I can say can accurately describe how awesome it was, so I’ll just post a whole wack-load of pictures.

Earrings: P’lover
Necklace: Out of the Blue
Wrap: Duty Free in Toronto
Dress: Renner
Flip flops: Havaianas!

See that tiny little head sticking out of the water? MY HEAD! I'm swimming under a waterfall.

Also - it's FREEZING.

Sunnies: Out of the Blue
Cami: Victoria Secret
Hot Yoga Bra, Hot Yoga Shorts and Run: Skirt: lululemon athletica
Shoes: Vibram Five Fingers

Saturday, we hiked to waterfalls, and went swimming in the pools under those waterfalls.  As you can see, I also did yoga at the top of the waterfall.  It was lovely.  I got a bit of a burn.  Whoops.  Hopefully, this will help to even out the rest of my awful tan lines, but the burn isn’t really worth it.  I’m losing at skin protection this trip to Brazil.  Need to bring out my inner sunscreen nazi!

Necklace: Boutique in Montreal
Shrug: Sweater (worn under the dress and tucked under my bust to make it appear to be a shrug) from Gap
Dress: Joe Fresh Style
Shoes: Aldo

On Mom:

Tank and jacket: lululemon athletica
Pants: Somewhere in Newfoundland

On me:

Sweater: Same green sweater from the Gap that I was wearing the night before (I had to keep covered, I have a burn)
Grey Tank: Le Lis Blanc
White Bra (peeking out): Flow Y Bra from lululemon athletica
Shorts: Sacada
Shoes: the wonderful Vibram Five Fingers

Sunday was ecotourism day.  We made our way to an 850 meter long zipline, and soared over the Brazilian Cerrado.  I saw a King Vulture soaring overhead, and what was left of a cow carcass – bones and hide.  Following that, we ventured on a Trilha Ecologico, wherein was a treetop adventure (you can see my father crossing one of the treetop bridges).  It was surprisingly challenging, and oodles of (slightly breathless) fun.

I have to spread the Vibram Five Finger love again.  These shoes MADE my trip.  I’ve been wearing them for years now, so my feet are accustomed to barefooting – I wouldn’t suggest someone who has no experience wearing barefooting shoes wear them out hiking, etc.  I could feel the earth beneath my feet, could adapt to changes in terrain.  I was scaling rock walls in ways that I never have before.  And because of their construction, I was also running through rivers and streams without worrying if my feet got wet.  They were amazing.

This whole weekend was amazing.

As Chapadas dos Veadeiros: The Shit.

2 thoughts on “Fashion Flirting with Waterfalls, Hiking, Sunlight and 862 pictures to sort through

  1. I have seen those vibram shoes around and wondered about them- I love being barefoot but they look weird! But maybe I will give them a chance. And you and your mom are beautiful and it looks like you are having an amazing time!

    • They’re great – the Vibram Five Fingers, that is. It takes some work to get used to them, for sure, but totally worth the effort.

      And thank you! I am having an amazing time. I love Brazil, and it is really good to get to spend time with my parents. 🙂

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