Fashion Flirting with Scarves in her hair

Still attempting to capture outfit pictures using Photobooth on Joe, the MacBook.  A more apt name for this post would be: “Fashion Flirting with Crappy Picture Quality,” but then I would have to name every post that until I go back to Winnipeg.

My outfit today is fairly basic (boring?  Yes).  Black tee-shirt from lululemon, jean shorts with the awesome ass-pockets.  What I love about today’s outfit is how I’ve done my hair.  I attempted to capture it, but …  Well …  Joe is a very nice computer in many regards, but less so when it comes to taking pictures.

Scarf in my hair: Mom’s closet.  No idea where it is from.
Earrings: Gift (Mom’s closet)
Tee Shirt: 5 year tee, lululemon athletica
Shorts: Sacada
Shoes: Aldo

The colours in the scarf make me really happy.  I thought that the blueish mother of pearl inlay in the earrings went better with it than it actually does.  They (the earrings) are too blue, where the headscarf has too much peach.  The tee-shirt, I’m not sure if I’ve ever mentioned (or worn on Fashion Flirt before) is made of Pima cotton.  It feels. Like HEAVEN. On your skin.  If EVER you have the chance to own Pima cotton anything, buy it.  You’ll never regret owning Pima cotton items.

I am personally desperate to own Pima cotton sheets.

And now, to share some music with you.  The most recent version of this song came on during my workout this morning, and I decided to listen to all three versions.  It is, I find, interesting to listen to music through the ages.  The same song, interpreted in different years.

This is the original:

This original is by Jorge Benjor.  This was his first hit in Brazil, and is the most played song in the USA that is played entirely in Portuguese.  It was released in 1963, when Jorge was 21.

In 1966, Sérgio Mendes and Brasil ’66 covered the song, and it became his signature song, and the real reason it is the most played Portuguese sung song in the USA.

This version also wound up on the Billboard charts – #4 in easy listening for 1966, and #47 in the pop charts.

Recently, Sérgio released Timeless, an album where he collaborated with many other artists – such as the Black Eyed Peas.  Below is their version of this song.

Just a little Brazilian spirit to get everyone in the mood for the game on Friday!  Brazil is playing Portugal.  Should be very dramatic.  IF you’re ambivalent towards who wins, wear some yellow and green… for me.



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