Fashion Flirting with … What? Germany lost?

I walked through my door after swimming for several kilometers yesterday morning to hear:


I missed Serbia’s goal on Germany.  I was not expecting that to happen in the least.

I promise to try to keep the World Cup obsession to a minimum, but it will slip in from time to time.

Earrings: Gift
Necklaces: Tiffany (Key), Out of the Blue (heart)
Circle scarf: Feira da lua
Dress: Feira dos hippies
Shoes: Arezzo

As this country is equally World Cup obsessed as I am, the USA vs. Slovenia game was playing in all areas of the hospital.  I missed seeing the USA tie up the game, so I walked around with a false sense of glee of the USA soccer team’s demise.  Alas.

I had blood drawn (Accutane can do scary things to your body, you can only start taking it if you’re healthy and your liver and kidney’s are functioning fully… and if you aren’t pregnant), followed by sushi for lunch with my mother, followed by a mini shopathon where I picked up a “Thank goodness Black Out Week is over” strapless black cocktail dress for my mother’s birthday party tonight.

The dress I wore yesterday is great.  It is jersey knit, so it is super comfortable.  Also… really, really long.  My feet kept getting tied up in the hem, so I kept needing to hold the skirt to keep from tripping.  I felt very ladylike, daintily holding my skirt as I walked about town.  Shortly thereafter, the feeling of ladylike grace disappeared to be replaced by annoyance.

I was reminded that there is a reason why I try to wear clothing around the house before I leave.


4 thoughts on “Fashion Flirting with … What? Germany lost?

  1. don’t remind me of that game! I was so angry about it, Podolski just couldn’t seem to score any goals, no matter how much he tried (and I’m not even bringing up the penalty he lost 😦 )

    oh, well. I’ll suffer again on Wednesday. or not.


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