Fashion Flirting with THE WORLD CUP!

I have caught the fever.  The World Cup fever.  I’m addicted, and I don’t want an intervention.

As a result, I haven’t been blogging.  Because I’ve been getting up early to swim, and then I settle down in front of the television for the rest of the day, eating, walking the dog and working out between each game.  Finally, when the games are over for the day (around 5ish), I will shower and put on clothing.

Except, because I’m thinking about the World Cup, I pull on whatever is convenient to me.  This is usually my Still Pants from lululemon and a tank top.  Uh oh.  It appears as though I might be regressing.  Bother.

Yellow Tee Shirt: Shoulder
Green Tank Top: Cool Racer Back from lululemon athletica
Yellow Tank Top: Scoop Neck Tank from lululemon athletica
Jeans: Le Lis Blanc
Shoes: Aldo
Necklaces: Tiffany (key), Out of the Blue (heart), Gift (Brazil)

Sadly, I also forgot my camera charger in Winnipeg.  WHOOPS!  I’ve finally managed to steal my parent’s camera, except they don’t know where the cord is.  I’m not frustrated, I’ll just work with what I’ve got.  A Mac with Photobooth, and a father with an iPhone.  I apologize for the next few weeks of shitty pictures.

The above pictured outfit is what I wore to watch the first Brazil game of the World Cup.  I am cheering Brazil, of course.  I love Brazil – the team, the country, the people.  Everything.  I love that I own a World Cup Special Edition Razor.  It’s the funniest thing I’ve ever seen, and I love it.


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