Fashion Flirting with a hat

Day 6 of the Already Pretty Summer Black-Out!   Today was a bit less focused on bright colour, and a bit more neutrally and monochromatically inclined, but I still dug what I was wearing.

But first, can we talk about how awesome my dad’s shorts are?

I adore them.  I wish I had a version of them for me.  Of course, they look better on him, and he’d probably never wear them again if he knew that.

The day started with soccer.  South Korea vs. Greece.  Korea won, adding yet another layer to the Horrible, Terrible Very Bad Year that Greece has been having.  First game of the Cup to be won, as all games on Friday were a draw.  Following that game, the Argentina vs. Nigeria game began, and Dad and I were “hired” as Mom’s party assistants for the day.  We went down to where the party will take place, to meet the decorations people, but they didn’t show up.

I spent the entire time we were running around thanking Social Media for allowing me to “watch” the game over my dad’s iPhone, using the live Twitter feed, and checking the profiles of people I know were watching and live updating.  I’m so thrilled I can be connected to what is going on in the World Cup, and not be glued to a television set.

Hat: Renner (Brasília)
Earrings: P’lover (Halifax)
Necklaces: Key: Tiffany (New York City); and Heart muscle: Out of the Blue (Winnipeg)
Tee Shirt: Pocket Tee from lululemon athletica
Shorts: Sacada (Brasília, Borrowed from Mother’s Closet)
Shoes: Aldo (Winnipeg)

When Mom made it home from work, the three of us went out for sushi and beer as our token Brazilian Valentine’s Day celebratory event.  I ate my weight in fish, and drank it in beer, and felt over-full and uncomfortable for hours afterwards.

Scarf: Feira da Lua (Brasília)
Earrings: Gift (Borrowed from Mother’s Closet)
Sweater: Aritzia (Winnipeg)
Dress: Wilfred for Aritzia (Winnipeg)
Shoes: Avida (Brasília, Stolen from Mother’s Closet)

This was my party outfit (I’d already committed to the hat, and didn’t want to redo my hair, so I built my outfit around the hat) for a friend’s birthday party.  I like how there are tones of purple in everything that I wearing, but it doesn’t completely look like I’m wearing a purple outfit.  Even the hat, with the burgundy stripe in the pattern, fits into the theme.

I didn’t last long at the party, since Sunday is an early morning wake up day (the perils of being an athlete – amateur or otherwise – is that you sometimes have to forego staying up late out of consideration for your long runs, cycles and early morning workouts).  And now I need to go for said run.  Happy Sunday, everybody.

Today’s World Cup Schedule (South Africa times)

Algeria vs. Slovenia 13 Jun 1:30pm
Serbia vs. Ghana 13 Jun 4:00pm
Germany vs. Australia 13 Jun 8:30pm

5 thoughts on “Fashion Flirting with a hat

  1. I was gonna say I love the hat, but I’ve said it already. so I’m just gonna sigh at the sight of it. and sob a little.


      • owwwnnn, you’re so sweet! but let me warn you: I ALWAYS have to try hats on first, because I have a “cabeção”. usually, only men’s hats fit my stupid big hat. and sometimes I come across men’s hats that are too small for me 😦

        beijo, lindona!

  2. I am absolutely in love with that hat! I have been searching for the perfect fedora for a while, but unfortunately my head is a little on the big side… oh well. I love that yours is grey, my favorite neutral by far! Plus, grey + purple = absolutely fabulous 🙂

    • My noggin is oversized as well! Generally, hats do not fit my brain space in the least. It is a pretty irritating struggle, because I love hats. There’s a brand that make really adorable linen hats, called Delux. Just recently, they stopped making them in specific sized, and sized them all to be big enough that they swim on my head, and have really clever hidden adjustable straps inside.

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