Fashion Flirting with HOSPITALS…

Day 4 of Already Pretty’s Summer Black-Out is happily behind me, and I feel the colour cheering me increasingly every day!

I spent part of my day yesterday hanging out at the Hospital Sarah, a fairly wicked hospital in Brasília.  The man who is responsible for the hospital, Dr. Campos, is one of my idols, and definitely one of the people in the world I hold in the highest regard.  He is entrepreneurial, hardworking, intelligent, funny, insightful…  One of the neatest people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

My parents work at this hospital, and the hospital itself has always reminded me of adolescence.  We lived in the ‘burbs when we first moved here, and taking the bus to our house would take hours.  If I couldn’t get a ride, I would take the bus to the hospital – centrally located – after school, and would spend hours in the hospital waiting for one or another parent to be ready to leave for home.

These green floor tiles always cause an emotional reaction in me.

My father’s office has an amazing view of the city.  I enlisted his assistance (as I have been doing pretty much since I arrived) in taking some pictures of me over looking part of Brasília.

Sunnies: Silver Lotus (Winnipeg)
Earrings: Harvest Moon Festival (Clearwater, Manitoba)
Circle Scarf: Feira da Lua (Brasília)
Necklaces: Tiffany Key and Silver Lotus Heart muscle (New York; Winnipeg)
Bolero cardi thingie: Altered by me, from a stand in Praia do Forte (Borrowed from Mother’s closet)
Navy and White Striped Maxi Dress: Renner (Brasília)
Wrist decorations: 3 Silver Bangels from jewelery kiosk (Brasília, Borrowed from Mother’s Closet); Matzo Circle Bracelet (Desart, Winnipeg)
Shoes: Aldo (Winnipeg)

Thankfully, the visitor’s pass matched my outfit.  Very, very important.  Some floors are icky shades of brown and noxious shades of purple.

Following my sojourn to the hospital, I ventured over to meet my mother.  We went to a nearby mall where my dermatologist, dentist and hair stylist are all located.  Today’s visit involved my dermatologist, Luiza, and the hair stylist, Dari.

I have adult onset acne, and last time I was here, I went on Accutane under Luiza’s careful watch.  My skin was most excellently bolinha-free until I had a rapid onset allergic reaction to something over the Christmas holidays.  I still don’t know what it was.  Depressingly, my acne returned.  Bastards.

I’m going to go back on Accutane, but a lower dosage this time, over a longer period of time.  We didn’t fully cure it, as we thought.  As it happens, I am also the perfect candidate for Accutane, as my blood tests all came back completely normal while I was taking the Accutane (it’s a pretty heavy-hitting drug, so you have monthly blood tests to ensure your liver and kidney functions aren’t affected), and I hardly had any negative side-affects.  My lips were dry, but other than that I was fine.  And really, the only person who DIDN’T like how dry my lips were was the person I was dating at the time.

I haven’t coloured my hair since January, and it is a bit lighter than I like.  I’ve always been impressed by the quality of blow-outs, mani/pedis and esthetics in Brazil, but never by hair stylists themselves.  I was super impressed by Dari at Metamorphosis.  He was really careful to keep the dye in my hair and not on my face (NO dye on my face at all).  Following the dye application and “cooking time,” I had a deep conditioning treatment (my hair literally started crying in thanks, as it has been very harshly and unfairly treated in the last 10 months or so, what with all the chlorine, sweat, sun and daily hot iron applications).

The shampoo girl was OK, I just wish that during the conditioner application, the shampoo people would ask before they start massaging my face with conditioner lubed fingers.  I don’t like people touching my face unless I give them permission to.  I’m not even fond of letting other people wash my hair.

Dari then brought me back to his station, and I decided I didn’t want to bother having my hair styled.  It is kind of a waste of time and money, since it would only look nice until 8:00am the next day when I start my laps.

“Fine,” said he.  “We’ll just blow dry the hair around your face so that you can see the colour, OK?”

Tudo bom,” I replied.  He then proceeded to dry and style the hair that frames my face.

“I’m just going to eliminate some of the moisture in your hair, so you’ll be more comfortable when you leave, OK?” He said after finishing with the face-framing hair.

Tudo bom,” I replied.

He then proceeded to dry all my hair, and even managed to style it, in about 5 minutes, refusing to let me walk out without a nice head of hair.  Even though he did 75% of the blow out, he didn’t charge me for it.  He was committed to having people leave looking nice.  I was super impressed, and am going to declare my ban on Brazilian haircuts over until I give him a try.  If he was that passionate about making my hair nice when I told him I didn’t care, I think he’ll give a really nice cut.

And that was about 500 words longer than I was expecting.  WORLD CUP and OH MY GOD I’m excited.  TWEE!


2 thoughts on “Fashion Flirting with HOSPITALS…

  1. “Thankfully, the visitor’s pass matched my outfit. Very, very important.”

    essential, I would say. I wouldn’t have visited it otherwise, if I were you.



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