Fashion Flirting with an LWS

Post 2k swim, I suddenly became obsessed with the idea of wearing a strapless dress.  This is because my mother, who I love dearly, had the brilliant idea of tempting me with a strapless dress to convince me to wear my hair straight to her birthday party.  She’s sneaky.  I totally took the bait, because the dress is GORGEOUS.  And being taken in.  And black, so I can’t wear it right now ANYWAYS.

Regardless, I didn’t bring any strapless tops or dresses with me to Brazil.  My mother doesn’t really care for the style.  So I took a skirt from New Year’s Eve 5 years ago (I don’t remember if it is mine or hers), and transformed it into a really cute LWS (Little White Skirt Dress).

Earrings: Out of the Blue (Winnipeg)
Scarf: No idea (Mother’s Closet)
Jacket: Liz Claibourne (Somewhere in Canada, Borrowed from Mother’s Closet)
Cardigan: Renner (Brasília, Borrowed from Mother’s Closet)
Little White Skirt Dress: C&A (Brasília, Borrowed from Mother’s Closet)
Belt: Shoulder (Brasília)
Shoes: Avida (Brasília, Stolen from Mother’s Closet)

Oh my goodness, I’ve fallen in love with these shoes.  They are returning to Canada with me, and I’m not telling my mom.  Well, she reads this blog, so she’ll figure it out.  But I love them.  Passionately.  In a way I never thought love of lavender suede fringe flats could exist.

Today is, if you’ve been keeping count, Day 5 of Already Pretty’s Summer Black-Out!  I have decided I’m going to continue for Saturday and Sunday, as I have some fun events this weekend I need to dress appropriately for, and I think not wearing black for them will be even more challenging.

Went to a friend’s birthday party tonight, and it was full of all the things I love most in the world.  Good friends, family, laughter, wine, food, music and talk of the World Cup.  Am now home, and ready for bed, feeling full of love and joy.

And with that GIANT piece of cheese, I’m off to bed.


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