Fashion Flirting with NO Wardbrobe Wednesday

I tried.  I had a dress picked out and everything.  But when I put it on, it just did not look even remotely flattering no matter how I tried to style it.  So I changed.

Earrings: Frockstar (Winnipeg)
Scarf: Renner (Brasília)
Vest: Renner (Brasília)
Tank: Old Navy (Ottawa)
Belt: Shoulder (Brasília)
Capris: Reitmans (Halifax)
Wrist things: Jewelery kiosk (Brasília)
Sandals: Arrezzo (Brasília)

I kind of wanted a slightly dressier safari inspired look with this  outfit, yesterday… But not until after I went shopping and decided to buy the vest for my mom (who is wearing it today), and that I wanted to wear it as I kicked around the shops, and walked home.

Those shoes, while GORGEOUS, are not intended for walking in for extended distances.  By the time I got home, my feet were in so much pain, it was all I could do to set up the camera and take those three incredibly quick pictures, before taking the shoes off, and nearly sobbing in relief.

Day Three of Already Pretty’s blackout is thus successfully complete!  HUZZAH!

Last night I went out for dinner, and had another experience where I had to send the food back.  I always feel like such a bitch when I do that, especially since I’ve had to do it twice in less than a week.  I don’t like to send food back very often, and I try really hard to be extra apologetic about it.  That being said, I am ordering, and thus paying for this food, and if it is (in the case of my salmon last night) so salty it tastes like I’ve just dumped an entire bag of Bob’s Red Mill Sea Salt over it, I don’t have to suffer through it.  Even if it was perfectly cooked otherwise.

I always think, in these situations: WWGRD?  What WOULD Gordon Ramsey do?  If he was taking over Dona Lenha from last night, and he had been served that salmon, there would have been problems.  If a contestant on Hell’s Kitchen had of tried to get that past his Quality Check, he would have thrown it against the wall, yelled in exasperation: “C’mon, GUYS?  This is bull****.  What the **** IS this?” (Because Hell’s Kitchen is bleeped on North American networks, alas).

The problem with sending something back and requesting that they make it for you again, is that you have to wait and watch while your table mates eat their supposedly delicious food (and it looked divine, especially the filo wrapped lamb with mint infused tzatziki sauce) while the kitchen cooks your meal again.  And last night, I waited… and waited… and waited…  Until we’d finished all out wine, and my parent’s plates had been cleared from the table.  So I asked them to wrap it up to go.  Finally, eating at home, I was presented with the perfect grilled salmon.

Thankfully, the wine was really quite delicious, and even though I likely drank too much of it (resulting in my staggering home rather than walking home), how can you resist such an adorable label?


5 thoughts on “Fashion Flirting with NO Wardbrobe Wednesday

  1. Loved your comment about marathon running. I haven’t done a marathon, but have been in a triathlon. I completely agree with your expressed sentiments regarding those who respect a marathon. Just wanted to thank you for taking the time. 🙂

  2. Thanks again for the review on the VFFS! I think I’m going to take a look this weekend! On top of that – your outfit is incredible! I love safari influenced looks, the earthy colors are fantastic.
    I love the Gordon Ramsey reference too, I haven’t watched Hell’s Kitchen but I love Kitchen Nightmares!

    • Any time- if you have any questions about them at all, just let me know. I’ve been running in mine for coming up on 3 years (eep!).

      And thanks! It isn’t the look I typically go for, but I definitely enjoyed rocking it out yesterday!

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