Fashion Flirting with Hot Pink Trees

I’m so pleased that my parents are so awesome to indulge me in taking pictures when we’re out if I see a background I like better than something in the apartment.  My pictures here in Brazil are much cooler than the ones in Winnipeg, because they’ve been helping me out.

It rocks.

Today is DAY TWO of BLACK OUT!  Today I wore no black at all (yesterday my shoes were black and white polka dots).

My dad and I had some things to do at the Naval Club, and as we drove by this tree I asked if we could pull over on the way back to take pictures with it.  Since it is a hot pink tree.  In my books, a hot pink tree might be the best kind of tree.  Ever.

Earrings & necklace: Aline Guimarães (Brasília)
Tee shirt: Gap (Ottawa)
Cardigan: Le Lis Blanc (Brasília)
Belt: NO idea
Shorts: Shoulder (Brasília)
Shoes: NO idea
Wrist things: Jewelery kiosk (Brasília)

Everything I’m wearing today (except for my sunglasses) either belongs to or once belonged to my mom, so I’m not going to bother listing everything.  I’ve included the less than flattering rear end shot to show the wicked pockets on the back of these shorts, as well as the awesome details on the back of this wonderfully eclectic cardigan.  The belt is actually reversed, because the INSIDE has that lovely pale yellow fake-ostrich effect, whereas the OUTSIDE is mustard yellow pleather that I’m not super jazzed on.

Today, I was informed that I am a braggart.  So.

This is what I see when I wake up in the morning!

And for good measure, a picture of my dad in front of the hot pink tree.


9 thoughts on “Fashion Flirting with Hot Pink Trees

  1. Heehee, it does look like you are supporting us..
    Now.. What should I wear today.. *Runs of to cupboard*

    • FRIDAY! I’m making a point of watching as many matches as possible this time around. Have to watch Holland. My good friend LT and I are feuding as he supports Holland, and I Brazil. LOL!

  2. LOVED it! really, really loved it! I love colorful outfits, and this one was awesome! as for the “less than flattering rear end shot”… come on! I thought you looked hot in it 🙂 (bom, tô no Brasil, né? terra onde as bundas são preferência nacional, eheheh. mas sério, gostei muito da foto).

    I wish I could be a part of this challenge too, but it’s getting really cold in Porto Alegre, and it would be almost impossible to ban black items from my outfits in such weather. yet I somehow managed to pull it off yesterday (but I doubt I could do it for 5 whole days).

    well, maybe in the summer I’ll try this is my blog 🙂

    um beijo!

    • Obrigada! I really enjoyed wearing this outfit. I got a lot of compliments (it is warm, warm, warm in Brasília right now… pelo menos, o sol ta QUENTE), and felt super fresh and summery… even if it is the middle of winter, hee hee hee.


    • Why thank you! The tree literally blew my mind when I saw it from afar. You and your birthday outfit would have looked fabulous in front of it (and: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!).

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