Fashion Flirting with Meat on a Stick, Sunburn and Stained Glass

Sleepy.  A little hung over.  And fatherly photobombing!

It took me a long time to get my ass in gear, go for my long run.  Two hours at midday.  Along the Aixão, a 6-lane road intersecting Brasília from North to South.  They close the road on Sundays, and Brasília comes out in droves to walk, run, cycle, blade and skate board.  The sun beats down on the Aixão, vendors are chopping open green coconuts everywhere, missionaries line the street inviting people to join them at church.

It might be my favorite thing about Brasília.

I realized, when I got back to the apartment, that I hadn’t worn sunscreen.  And now I have my first sunburn in six or seven years?  This frightens me a little, as I’m fanatical about keeping my skin fair and burn free.  Thankfully, it isn’t a serious burn.  My skin isn’t hot to the touch, it isn’t burning, and it doesn’t feel tight.  And I was wearing a hat, so at least my face was spared.

I have a nifty iPod shuffle shaped tan line, though.  Smexy.

Sunnies: Silver Lotus (Winnipeg)
Necklace: Black Market (Halifax … Borrowed from Mother’s Closet)
Tee: Zara Colleção (Brasília … Borrowed from Mother’s Closet for the time being)
Jeans: Le Lis Blanc (Brasília … Stolen from Mother’s Closet)
Bangle: Jewelery Kiosk in Patio Brasil (Brasília … Borrowed from Mother’s Closet)
Purse (not pictured): Colcci (Brasília … originally Given from Mother’s Closet, but Mother decided she loved it too much to part with so now it is Stolen from Mother’s Closet)
Flip flops: Havaianas (I bought these ones from Aritzia … like a sucker)

After the sunburning, I convinced the parentals (it was a rubber arm twisting kind of scenario) to go to Porcão for churrascaria, or Brazilian Barbeque.  Basically, Meat Coma Central.  You sit at a table, collect some form of salad from the salad bar, then wait for the servers to come to you with spits full of meat cooked over an open-pit of coals.  Dozens of cuts of beef, lamb, pork, chicken, sausages, organ meats, ribs, bacon-wrapped deliciousness.  You’re given a coin that is red on one side and green on the other.  You flip it to red when you need a breather, and green when you’re ready for more meat.  I’m still full, even though it’s been a few hours and we went for an hour-long “digestion aid” walk.

During that walk, we wandered around the financial district of Brasília.  This area of town is one that has been part of my skyline, but never my day-to-day.  We walked by a building and despite knowing what it looks like on the skyline, I never realized that it was stained glass, with a reflecting pool around it.  I was floored.  This building is beautiful.

Mom is wearing her new outfit from lululemon athletica (the Inner Strength Tank and the In Motion Shorts, both in Lagoon), doing Warrior 1.  I also did yoga on the bridge, but it came out blurry.  Too bad, too.  My Dancer’s Pose was really good considering I was wearing jeans.


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