Fashion Flirting with BRAZIL: Days 1 and 2.

On Fashion Flirting Momma:

Earrings and necklace: Jewelery kiosk in Gilberto Salamão
Scarf and Dress: Shoulder (Brazilian brand)
Rubber boots: Christmas present from me (purchased at Le Chateau)

I’ve arrived.

The flight was long, but I’m here.  After 26 hours in transit, I collected my luggage in Brasília, valiantly struggled not to kill some pre-pubescent boys and girls back from the “Friendship Festival” who were not behaving themselves in the least, then launched myself into my parents’ waiting arms.  Immediately we went home, and then stepped out to the grocery store and to walk the dog.

Wiggle, the dog who requires regular walking.

The flights were uneventful.  While I was largely unable to sleep on the longest haul, I had oodles of trashy RomComs to choose from.  Thank goodness for Air Canada’s in flight entertainment, and all the trashy romance movies and RomComs they have available to us sleepy chicks.

The plane outfit:

Hat: Out of the Blue
Earrings: Frockstar
Sunnies: Silver Lotus
Necklaces: boutique in Montreal, chain and pendant were gifts
Cardi: October
Dress: Flax
Tights: Wunder Unders from lululemon athletica
Shoes (not pictured): Groundhog ankle boots
Shoes (pictured): Sapato da Corte (borrowed from Mother’s Closet)

Today, a morning that was surprisingly not painful considering the bottles of wine consumed the night before, I awoke and ate breakfast with my father.

The surprise picture he left on my camera after breakfast.

I ran with the dog, brought her home, and went for my actual run.  When I got home, Mom (who needed to do some work in the morning, so left before I awoke) came home and we headed out to eat some raw fish and drink some beer.  Following our fish and beer consumption, Dad returned home to nap, and Mom and I went shopping.  I found the best shoes ever.  Ever.

Earrings: Harvest Moon Festival (Clearwater, Manitoba)
Necklaces: Silver Lotus (Winnipeg)
Turquoise shirt: Farm (São Paulo, Brasil)
Tank tops: Victoria Secret and American Apparel (New York and Winnipeg)
Jeans: Le Lis Blanc (Stolen from Mother’s Closet)
Bangle: thrifted (Winnipeg)
Shoes: Sapato da Corte

Aren’t they glorious shoes?  I love them.  My life is now complete that I have them.  They are the most amazing shoes I’ve ever owned.  I adore them.

Moving forward, I will be (when I wear something that originally belongs to Mom) designating items as either: “Stolen from Mother’s Closet,” or “Borrowed from Mother’s Closet,” or “Gifted from Mother’s Closet.”  I have an assortment of all three picked out already.  And I have a Mother’s Closet Challenge all ready for myself.

On Wednesdays, I will be participating in Mother’s Wardrobe Wednesdays.  I’ll take an item of clothing she wore in the previous week and will style it my way, after posting a picture of her wearing it the way she styles and rocks it.  We wear similar clothing, but we wear them completely differently.  I think it will be fun, and I’ve always loved seeing other bloggers sharing around one item of clothing and styling it their way.  It’s inspiring to me to see how other people wear their clothing, so I was inspired to do it.

Must fly, as I have wine to be consumed and conversations to be had.  Boa noite, gente!


3 thoughts on “Fashion Flirting with BRAZIL: Days 1 and 2.

  1. que sapatos lindos!!!! eu ia dizer que queria ter um par igual, mas acabo de lembrar q eu tenho 😛 quer dizer, não é o mesmo tom de azul (é um pouco mais claro), mas o modelo é bem assim. pronto, agora vou querer usar ele amanhã 😀

    um beijo!

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