Fashion Flirting with International Travel.

I’m in the Pearson International Airport, holding my laptop in one hand and typing with the other as I wait for the line to move so that I can check into my flight to São Paulo.  I love it.  I’m in Toronto, and I’m already surrounded by Brazilians (Brasileiros!!).  Eventually, I will take and post an outfit picture (what does a fashion flirt wear on an international flight?).

We were briefly grounded here in Toronto due to a lightning storm, so that was fun.  I never thought about how airports are basically giant lightning rods, and everyone outside is at risk of lightning strike (iiiieeeeeeeeee!).  In any event…  I sat next to a lovely gentleman on my flight from Winnipeg to Toronto who was having nasal difficulties and a serious aversion to nose blowing.  That was fun disgusting.

However, the flight itself was wonderful.  The cabin crew, as is always the case on WestJet I’ve found, were funny, cheerful and wonderful.  I tweeted a compliment to @WestJet before we took off about the cabin crew leader, Lancelot.  He was hilarious, reminded me of Anthony from the most recent season of Project Runway.  When I landed, @WestJet had replied to my compliment tweet.  I replied to their reply, letting them know that he was now even awesomer that I had gotten through the entire flight.  I like complimenting people on their work if they are worthy of compliment.  People are so ready to complain, but never think to say something nice instead of something scathing.

This is entering TMI land, but every time I fly to Brazil, I wind up getting my period.  Every.  Single.  Time.  I also always have at least one hilarious seatmate that I laugh about for years.  Like the woman who sniffed my food.

Ew.  Are stirrup pants back in style?  I fervently hope not.  Ah.  My turn.  I’ll likely blog more later, when I’m über bored and jumpy due to over-caffination.

ETA: OK, so I got called forward before I could spell check (typing with one hand is tough, if you were wondering), so I saved and am now lounging in the International Departures Lounge, awaiting boarding.  My paperwork all checks out, my luggage has likely entered the underbelly of the plane, and I spent about an hour or so Skyping with my parental units.  It was wicked fun (Hi Mom!  See you tomorrow afternoon!).

I’m ready to drift to sleep despite the fact that I just downed an Americano.

Airports are such strange places.  Excitement, sadness, nerves, stress, fatigue and annoyance all seem to bundle themselves up into little balls, and bounce around the terminal like that television commercial.  Every time a ball hits you, you feel some completely random and intense emotion.  Irritation at the screaming toddler.  Excitement for the trip.  Sadness at the people you’re leaving behind.  Stress over whether or not things are going according to plan.  Hundreds of other, strange and wonderful feelings course through you as you wait for your flight to be called.

The gate attendant is incredibly cute, because whenever he says “Brazilian” it sounds like he’s saying “baziliion.”  It’s awesome.

And now, my random stream of consciousness is at an end, as it appears they are finally going to board the plane.  Oh huzzah.  Must fill my water bottle prior to boarding.

Goodness – I love Brazilians.  They’re so great.  Boa noite, galera.

Earrings: Gold leaves from Out of the Blue
Choker-like necklace: boutique in Montreal
Chain and mangled ring: Gifts
Oversized Cardigan: from October
Black Dress (unpictured): Flax in Montreal
lululemon Wunder Under tights in black
Groundhog ankle boots
Knit cotton scarf from Aritzia and Cashmere scarf from Club Monaco

FYI: I had a ton of typos with the one-handed typing, just in case you wondered.


2 thoughts on “Fashion Flirting with International Travel.

  1. bem vinda de volta ao Brasil, Becca! pena q eu não estou em São Paulo para poder te conhecer pessoalmente…

    beijo, and have fun!

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