Fashion Flirting with Energy & Food in the belly

I don’t look happy in the following pictures. This has no bearing on Tuesday. Tuesday was amazing. Tuesday rocked my world.

Hat: Out of the Blue
Earrings: Frockstar
Necklace: Gift
Wrap: lululemon athletica
Tank: Makenji
Jeans: Jacob
Shoes: Zara

Last night, I went to Xavier Rudd.  And it was so good!  Of course, Mr. Rudd is always good, but last night was amazing.  I think he knows this, but Xavier Rudd’s gift is bringing real joy to the people who listen to him.  Winnipeg loves Xavier Rudd, and I could see how happy he was on stage last night.  There was a never-ending smile on his face for the entire concert (except for while he was playing the didgeridoo, of course).

One of the crappy pictures I took with my cellphone camera.

Aside from the show – the awesome, awesome show – the people watching was phenomenal.  The theater was filled with some of Winnipeg’s best dressed folk.  I was inspired by oodles of outfits.  There was style at The Walker last night.  Style.

There is a story behind my necklace.  There’s always a story behind something I’m wearing.  The chain itself was a gift from a crazy person who sued my parents twice.  The ring was a gift from my Aunt Barb (the same who gave me the earrings from yesterday).  You can’t really tell it’s a ring anymore because when I was a little one, I chewed the ring into some unrecognizable gold wrinkled mess.  I remember being so upset, and trying to fix it, but only making it worse.  I was frantic.  It may have been the first time that I ever fucked something up and realized it.  That hot cold sweaty sick feeling in the pit of your stomach.  My mom, for reasons I am unaware of, held onto the ring.  She kept it, when we moved to Brazil, in the safe deposit box in Winnipeg.  While going through the pieces of jewelery in the safe deposit box that mom brought home after a trip (or my brother brought down, or something) back to Canada I found a ton of jewelery from when I was a kid.

I brought it home with me (all of it), and this ring sat in a velvet box with all the gold jewelery I never wear for years.  Until last night.  Right before I head home, I get extra sentimental.  I want to wrap myself in things with meaning, that bring me good feelings.

Speaking of good feelings, that is a song for peace.

This explains how very good the concert was last night: he was wearing the least flattering skinny pants, and it didn’t detract from the concert at all.


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